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Gapyeong 9majigi Village
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Introducing 9majigi Village
9majigi Village is located by Yongchu Valley, the third of the Eight Beauties of Gapyeong.

Yongchu Valley flows from Mt. Yeonin, which rises 1,068m above sea level, and it originated from the beautifully meandering nine valleys which were created by a dragon when it flew up to the sky.  It is the only valley left untouched in the metropolitan area.  The water here is so clear that the white rocks seem like they are flowing in it.

9majigi Village was selected as ‘The 2004 Beautiful Village in Gapyeong,’ ‘The 2006 Healthy Farm Village of Longevity,’ and ‘The 2006 Green Farm Experience Village.’  It is generally known for its clean and clear nature.  Utilizing the knowledge and expertise of its local elderly, the village has created a brand of a healthy farm town senior to establish a new culture of longevity.
Known for its beautiful natural landscapes,
9majigi Village will provide you with unforgettable farm experiences.

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