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Yangpyeong Hakgok village
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Songhak-3-ri of Gangsang-myeon is a typical farm village with well-preserved heavenly natural environment.  Songhak-ri was named after Songsan Village and Hakgok Village.  Songsan Village has many pine trees and Hakgok Village has cranes in the forests.
Songhak-ri is adjacent to Yangpyeong-eup and located beneath Mt. Yangja.  It is preserving natural environment clean enough to grow fireflies.  It was also selected as the Ecologic Healthy Village in 2002.
Mt. Yangja has many chestnut trees and grows various plants such as Aralia shoots, Japanese apricots, and Elaeagnus umbellate var. coreana.  The valley that flows into Songhak Stream is an abundant source of water throughout the year.  The spring water from Gujeolgol Valley halfway up the mountain is very cool and tasty.
Hakgok Village has put lots of continuous efforts in producing a tourist town by completing lots of tourism resource development projects such as making a hiking trail on Mt. Yangja, creating yellow earth rooms, beautifying flower hills, and developing traditional soybean sauce/paste and pepper paste.
Nearby attractions include Namhan River Training Center, Café Town, Seorimsa Temple, and Snow-sledding Resort.

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