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Siheung Oido Village
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Oido Village is an island located at the very southwest of Siheung-si and surrounded by the sea so that you can enjoy the smell of the sea during high tide and the life of the sea creatures during low tide.

At Oido Village, visitors can enjoy various sea foods including fresh naturally-grown raw fish and baked clams and view a typical Korean fishing village.

Geographically, Oido Village is close to the Metropolitan Area and can be easily reached because Subway Line 4 of the Seoul Metropolitan Area, Wolgot I.C., and eight lines of Local Road 84 pass through the village. And as a prehistoric site, Oido Paechong (a shell mound) became known, and many tourists continuously visit the village. Upon the completion of Mulwang Art Festival held at Okgu Park, Oido Fishing Village Experience Center, and Paechong and Prehistoric Remains Park, it is expected that the village will become a popular tourist’s attraction on the West Sea coast, which is a harmonious medley of prehistoric remains and a maritime life.

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Experiences of fishery, a traditional culture, and ecology
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Wolgotpogu Estuary
Visit to a prehistoric site
Okgu Park
Baked clams and raw fish restaurants
Special product
Gamurak (A short-necked clam)
Dongjuk (A thin-shelled surf clam)
Ocellated octopus
Common octopus
Blue crab
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