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Yeoju-gun Sun flower Village
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Village Introduction

You will see a 4 kilometer’s of sunflowers road as you visit Sun flower Village.

Bupyeong-ri was originally subject to Wapyeong-dong, Gangcheon-myeon, Wonju-gun, Gangwon-do but incorporated into Yeoju-gun in the 32nd year of King Gojong, and the name changed to Bupyeong-ri, which was combined with Wapyeong-dong and Satgatbong, as the administrative district reorganization in 1914.

Located under the foot of Taebongsan Mountain, Bupyeong-ri is an urbanized typical mountain village, which not only preserves the image of a quiet mountain village surrounded by a low mountain but also has a view of a river village with Seomgang River on its east and with a sand field. Along with Seomgang River and Namhangang River, Pupyeong 1-ri has a youth training center and Sejong Astronomical Observatory, which enable more than 60,000 young people annually to train their mind and body, and there is Castle Pine Golf Club with Taebongsan Mountain behind in Bupyeong 2-ri so many golfers and visitors come to visit the village.

Bupyeong-ri is a provincial border village locating on the borderline of Gangwon-do and Gyeonggi-ro and about one or one and half hours far from Seoul and the Metropolitan Area. National Road 42 which connects the Metropolitan Area and Gangwon-do offers a very good location by increasing approachability to Seoul and the Metropolitan Area.

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