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Yangpyeong The Borigoge Village
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The Borigoge Village

 Away from the hectic noise of the city ? the Yangpyeong Borigoge Village welcomes you with friendly hills and crystal clear river in valley. Relax your exhausted body and min in the peaceful harmony of the nature. Say goodbye to noisy and busy things ? in the quite, calm Borigoge Village, only comfortable relaxation and friendly neighbourhood will welcome you. Warm and soft breeze will take you to the sweet sounds of the village where fields yield fruit and grains.

 Village life is one in which you see, hear, touch and feel the astonishing changes of four seasons. It may be a littlie bit inconvenient, yet you’ll breathe with the nature and realise the importance of the land. We make natural village experience opportunities along the meandering rivers on which the sky, land, clouds and mountains mingle together. Each season is welcomed by colourful fruits and growing grains.Fill your hungry stomach with potatoes and sweet potatoes, and enjoy yourself in all the fun activities in the Borigoge Village. I hope you know why our village is called the Barley Hump, though. In our village, all the neighbourhoods are like one family ? we help each other in difficult times and pass on the wisdom of the previous generation. Especially for kids whose tastes are dictated by fast foods, our village offers opportunities to experience the healithness of the traditional foods with memories of the poorer but more friendlier past.

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