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Ceramic Village
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Icheon Ceramic village, Sookwang-ri Shindun-myeon Saeum-dong at Icheon, consists of about 300  ceramic art enterprises which have been taking the central role of Korean traditional ceramic art since the late 1950s.
It is located about an hour away from Seoul and well-known by both Korean and foreign tourists. Especially, Japanese tourists make more visit to this village than Korean and are stuck with admiration at the beauty of the Korean ceramic art The Korean porcelains are well known by foreign people that the number of tourists visiting this Ceramic Village per year over ten thousands. They can have opportunity to experience the procedure of making porcelain products through the Ceramic Art Experience Program arranged by the village. It will be a good leisure for passing time together with either family, friend or sweetheart
Nearly all the parts of the village, through which Jungbu Highway is paved, form a porcelain exhibition where you can see the ceramic artworks displayed beautifully outside each exhibition shop. But the really enjoyable and valuable spots where you can experience the genuine process of making porcelain, the porcelain artworks and the maker of them, are each seemingly shabby-looking house called 'yojang(porcelain factory)' located in the inner part of street.   
The Ceramic Village has about forty yojang got densely located together where not only those characteristic celadon porcelains, Baekja(white porcelains), Punchongs, but also teacups, mug-cups, accessories, vessels and ashes containers are produced. The Village gives an impression of silence at first sight as if there is no one, but inside, you can see that artists in their own workplace are continuing to create the beauty albeit the hot pottery kiln, taking pride in the fact that they are keeping the legend and tradition of the Korean pottery artwork.

Traffic information
Using mass transportation means
Dongseoul Bus Terminal or Kangnam Highway Bus Terminal(an hour) -> Icheon Bus Terminal(15 minutes) -> Sukwang-ri Shindun-myeon

Using passenger car
1) Jungbu Highway -> KonjiamTG -> National road No. 3 to Icheon(10km) -> Sukwang-ri Shindun-myeon
2) Jungbu Highway -> Western IcheonTG -> To Icheon 3km -> National road No. 3 to Seoul 1.5km -> Sukwang-ri Shindun-myeon
3) Youngdong Highway -> IcheonTG -> National road No. 3 to Seoul and Icheon 10km -> Sukwang-ri Shindun-myeon

Cultural Information Service Unit at Icheon City Hall

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Ceramic Village
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