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Yeoju Seowha Village
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Seowha village, located in 2 Ri, Seowon Buknae Myun, Yeoju Si, is a good place to experience many things like the atmosphere of farming town and the fun to make flower port and ceramic ware in the neighboring places, and to climb a quite and smooth climbing course as well. Additionally, this village has a lot of sightseeing resorts, and enjoys always sunshine due to its location facing to the south, is getting richer by its interesting names originated from some legends behind it.


The most areas are located on the relatively smooth ridges and Geumdangcheon is flowing from north to south following the west of village. There are some towns including Wongol, Seowha, Seondol, Yuli, formed naturally. The name of Wongol came from its old name, Wonjib, and that of Seowha came from its location located under Seowha hill.


Seowon Ri is divided into 1 Ri, Wongol, and 2 Ri, Seowhae and Sansugol. It has been delivered that the name of Seowon Ri was originated from its location located to the west from Wonju, or the location of Wongol (incorporated into Sangdong Myun, Jipyeong Hyun before 1895),in which Government officials lodged in  the night, that is located to the south from Sangdong ( present Yangdong)  But it’s name came actually from taking the first letter of Seowhae( Seowha) and Wongol( Wongok) respectively when these two villages had been incorporated from  Jipyeong Hyun, Sangdong Myun into Yeju Gun. The total populations including Seowha and Sansugol are 105 persons (43 household) in 2 Ri. Garden suburbs have been formed in Sansugol located slightly upward to Danseok Ri ,Yangdong Myun       


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