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hsjurassic village
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Hwaseong Jurassic Village is located in Gojeong-ri, Songsan-myeon, Hwaseong. It is included in Shihwa sector and is by the Yellow Sea. The village used to be a peninsula, but became an inland when Shihwa Tide Embarkment was constructed. It is where dinosaurs inhabited in Mesozoic Era. The quantity of dinosaur egg fossils and the accumulated strata are evaluated scientifically and culturally the greatest value worldwide. The environment is splendid and tens of species of wild animals including the birds that are natural monuments inhibit here. Therefore, it has great potential to develop into great resources of tourism.
The dinosaur egg fossils were excavated from a land that was once under seawater. Therefore, the environment is well-preserved and is scientifically valuable. The vicinity of Shihwa Lake is where various rare migratory birds, animals and plants naturally grow, so the 15.90㎢-wide land around Gojeong-ri excavation site of dinosaur egg fossils is appointed as national cultural asset.
The land reclamation project of Shihwa Lake closed the farms and salt farms and allowed the cultivation of grapes that became the major specialty of Songsan-myeon for the profit of the village. With the appropriate rainfall, abundant sunlight and diurnal range of temperatures of the oceanic climate and seasonal changes of the Yellow Sea are the optimum condition of grape cultivation. The sugar content is about 15~18 for less sourness. The fragrance and sugar content of our grapes are very popular.
Also, the tourists’ resources (Fish Island and leisure sport of light airplanes, paragliding and horseback riding) such as farmland experience program (grapes and rice) and beautiful scenery of land reclamation of Shihwa Lake attract many tourists.
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hsjurassic village
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hsjurassic village
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