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pyongtaek greens village
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Typical Farm Village

It is where the city and farm and industrialized agriculture and ultramodern industries coexist on a rich land of the Mother Nature. It is an urban farm village with the tourists’ attractions, such as Yellow Sea Bridge, Pyeongtaek Lake and appointed tourists’ attractions, and the typical farm village aspects, such as Nature’s Theme Botanical Garden, Agricultural Museum, Agricultural Festival and agricultural products marketplace. Gyeongbu Express Way, Seohaean Express Way (Incheon~Mokpo) and Dongseo Express Way (Pyeongtaek~Samcheok) pass through the downtown and suburbs and six national highways pass through the center of Pyeongtaek.

Cultivated using ultramodern methods
Village where vegetables are cultivated using ultramodern methods
In particular, the average age of the villagers is 42, much lower than other farm villages. Pyeongtaek Greens Village initiates developed agriculture centered by young successors to affect other regions. Based on the ultramodern facilities and cooperativeness, they profit about 1.5 billion won a year. They set a model for other farm villages by proving that a farm village can become a wealthy village.

- Train: Pyeongtaek Station (Southern Route: Suwon ? Pyeongtae ? Cheonan Station).
- Bus: Gangnam Express Bus Terminal (Takes 1 hour)
         Nambu Express Bus Terminal (Takes 1 hour)
- When Driving: Gyeongbu Express Way→Suwon→Osan→Anseong/Pyeongtaek Toll Gate→Pyeongtaek(Takes 1 hour)
Jungbu Express Way→ Hobub,Icheon→ Iljuk Toll Gate→ Anseong→ Pyeongtaek(Takes 1 hour 20 minutes)
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