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Village Introduction

According to the record of 1018 (9th year of the reign of Koryo King Hyeonjong), 'Geumgu-myeon' of Mother Village was included in Jeonju-mok. It is recorded as Geumgu-hyeon composed of 10 districts and 111 villages in 1759's record (35th year of the reign of Chosun King Yeongjo), but was added to Gimje in March 1914. On Jan 1. 1989, downtown Gimje was separated, but was integrated again on Jan 1. 1995. As revealed by the administrative title, Geumgu-myeon, much placer gold was discovered in this region. Not only Geumgu, but many other villages in this region have "Geum" meaning gold in their title. Mother Village is composed of 6 villages including Sangsa Village with a mountain surrounding the village as a cow eats its feed; Sabang Village where Yun Song of Song Family of Yeosan settled in 1455 (during the reign of Chosun King Sejo); Bunto Village that produces white sand as white as face power; Dunsan Village (East-Dun and West-Dun) where Sik Choi first settled in early Chosun; and Sinheung Village where the descendents of Sik Choi settled as they prospered. There are Honam Express Way, National Highway #1 and Provincial Road #716 and #714 surrounding the village and 719ha-wide Daeyul Reservoir built in 1967 with the waters from Guseong Mountain Valleys of Moak Mountains display outstanding views too constantly attract many tourists. Historical records of the village include Geumgu Confucian Temple of Koryo Dynasty, Geumgu Fortress that is assumed to have been built by Baekje Empire and the birth-home of Independent Patriot Tae-su Jang of late Chosun Dynasty.

Family Centers

Mother Village is the center of many Families. Major Families are Song Family of Yeosan in Sabang Village settled by Yun Song during the reign of Chosun King Sejo; Choi Family of Haeju in Dunsan Village settled by Sil Choi in early Chosun Dynasty; and Yang Family of Jeju and Jang Family of Indong in Bunto Village located in between Sabang and Sinheung Villages.

1) Song Family of Yeosan
Yeosan is a region included in Iksan-gun, Jeollabuk Province and is the combination of Yeoryang and Nangsan. The Originator Yu-Ik Song was a government official of Koryo Dynasty and his ancestor was Jayeong, the descendent of Ju-Eun Song who was a Public Finance official of Tang Dynasty, China. He has three sons and his oldest son, Yu-Ik, become the originator of Song Family of Yeosan to spread the lineage of Song Family throughout Korea.

2) Choi Family of Haeju
The Originator On Choi is the father of Chung Choi who is widely known as Scholar Haedong. He was the governor of Haeju in his early years and served as a government judge. All of his achievements occurred in Haeju and as his family lived in Haeju for many generations, the descendents are succeeding the family lineage as Choi Family of Haeju.

3) Yang Family of Jeju
The Only Originator King Yangeulna is said to have emerged from the soils of Moheung Holes of northern foothill of Hanra Mountains. Three people emerged from each of three holes of Moheung Holes and the first was King Yangeulna. Yang Family is originated from 70 origins, but all the origins are the sects of Jeju, Namwon or Chungju and have transferred originally from Jeju.

4) Jang Family of Indong
The originator of Jang Family of Indong is Local King Hwigeumyong who served as the bodyguard of Three Great Officials. He first settled in Oksan of Indong-hyeon in early Koryo Dynasty.
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