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Imsil cheese village
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Cheese Village of Imsil in Jeonbuk is about 20km apart from the urban town of Jeonju.  Cheese Village is very convenient to access and is the origin of cheese production in Korea.
Cheese Village has been established and developed by Father Didier Serstevens (Korean name: Jung Hwan Ji) from Belgium, Minister Sang Bong Shim, and Chief Byung Oh Lee of Imsil.

Father Serstevens began making cheese by raising two goats and beautifying the village by planting zelkova trees.  The village was originally called "Zelkova Village," but the Village Assembly finally agreed on changing the name to "Cheese Village."
Our motto is building "Cheese Village with Beautiful Flowers and More Beautiful People."  We aim to build a society where everyone shares, collaborates, and creates healthy food for the future of our children.
Everyone in the village keeps humble dreams and works together to create fun experience programs.  Try making tasty cheese and enjoying exciting farm experiences at Cheese Village. Our Zelkova trees will greet you at the gateway to the village.


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