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Gochang goindol village
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○ The Origin of Goindol Village
- Location: Dosan-ri Gochang-eup Gochang-gun (4km to the west of   

Gochang-eup Office)
Goindol Village at Dosan-ri Gochang-eup Gochang-gun, Jeonbuk is about 2km away from Gochang IC and is easily accessible from the highway.  The Goindol Park, a world cultural heritage, is only 1km away from the village and attracts many tourists to the region.
The village was named Dosan because it was settled by the Kim Family of Andong and the Kim Family of Cheongdo during the time of King Seongjong in the Joseon Dynasty, and because of its location by a flat road and a low mountain.
Goindol Village has restored all the traditional homes to organize the landscapes and created various experiential programs to provide exciting experience to the urban visitors of Goindol Park.
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