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Buan Unho village
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Unho (Cloud Lake) Village refers to a village with a lake made of clear clouds.  It is a coastal mountainous village located 10m above sea level, about 6km on Byeonsan Bypass, the National Highway No. 30, to the southwest of Gomso of Jinseo-myeon.  It is located in the long mountain base that stretches from Sinseondae Peak to the east of the village.  Along the ridgeline lies Goam Peak which resembles a drum, and to the southwest is Gunsin Peak.  Follow the long valley to discover many plants, clear valleys of natural rocks, and the untouched nature that are as beautiful as those of Mt. Geumgang.

Unho Village is located next to a valley in the beautiful mountain where you can easily catch melanian snails and river snails.  Sinseondae Peak, a noted peak in the Byeonsan Peninsula, is surrounded by bizarre-looking rocks and luxurious forests with various medicinal plants and mountain greens.  Anyone will find Unho Village beautiful and peaceful and will fall in love with its mountains and waters.  Surrounding attractions are Wolmyeonam, Nakjodae, Naesosa Temple, and Yucheon Bird Habitat.  At this farming village by the beautiful stream, you can taste various raw fish from Chilsan Fishing Ground and also visit the production fields of its specialties, such as Summer Shrimp Fermented Sauce and Bamboo Salt.

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