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Buan Huchon Village
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Huchon Village is located about 500m away from Julpo-myeon and five minutes from Seohaean Highway Julpo I.C. and is the gateway to Julpo on National Highway No. 23.
The ecological park by Julpo Reservoir sees beautiful blooms year-round.  It has Campanula takesimana Nakai, nude bekia, and Dianthus in spring, Aquilegia buergariana var. oxysepala, sunflower, and loosestrife in summer, common cosmos, chrysanthemum, and reed flowers in autumn, and snow flowers in winter.  A 23ha of field is filled with reeds that bloom tiny small flowers and the reeds grow even taller than an average person.  The reed field also provides a good habitat for grasshoppers, dragonflies, farm crabs, white-naped cranes, and various species of migratory bird.

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