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Sunchang Gochujang Village
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Folk village
Sunchang-eup used to be  known as Mokcheon of Mahan at the age of three han and as Dosil,  one of the Sokryung in Baekje. During the  Lee Dynasty it was named  Sunchang. Sunchang  was promoted from-myeon to eup as of May 1, 1979.
The reason why Sunchang became famous for its kochujang is as following. Sung-Gye Lee at the end of Corea ate a lunch of delicious kochujang at a farming house in which Saint Muhak was dwelling, on the way to Manilsa at Gurim-myeon in Sunchang County..
He never forgot the taste of Sunchang kochujang afterwards  and he ordered the Sunchang kochujang to be offered after he established the Lee Dynasty
Sunchang traditional kochujang village is supported by Sunchang County to pass on the  traditional secret method of making kochujang. As one of those supports, the village includes an artisan, to whom the the secret method of making kochujang has been passed. Old and new generations live in harmony at Sunchang traditioal kochujang village.. Sunchang kochujang village is where the secret method of artisans harmonizes well with taste and hygiene requirements.
Besides the famous kochujang, it can be said that the whole village is one tourism resort. Big jars standing in every house makes us feel that we are traveling by time machine back to the age of the Lee Dynasty. When you visit Sunchang kochujang village, which preserves its shape as well as the taste of kochujang, you might want to eat mixed rice with only kochujang in bowl. 
Around Sunchang kochujang village, there is Mt. Hoimun natural resort which is famous for its beautiful scenery and historical trace, Mt. Gangcheon County park which is also known  as little Mt. Keumkang , Baekyangsa which has beautiful snowy scenery, Hangga amusement park where old poets enjoyed their poetic taste with boating ride, and Mt. Naejang which is famous for its autumn foliage color

Baeksan village
There is Seomjin River in front of Baeksan village and Mt. Ami behind the village. The name of Baeksan-ri is originated from Mt. Ami which is capped by snow all year because of its height. (Baek means white in Korean, San means mountain.) Legend has it that the waters from the fountain of Chamsaem had the power to heal leprosy
It had been a small town until the Korean War. But refugees moved into this village after the Korean War and made up a new village in which  100 or more households lived. Today, only 84 households are left because many people have given up farming.
Every year at the 15th of January by the lunar calendar the residents perform Dangsanje which prays for the peace of the village.
From the midnight on the 15th of January till the dawn, they enjoy the event with farming music played. It is unique tradition that a pigs head, which was on the religious ceremony table at the Cheonyongie in Mt. Ami, is buried under the ground.
Besides it is said that it rained right after new shaman had performed religious ceremony in Mt. Ami at the time of drought. We can take a guess that the residents are counting on Mt. Ami mentally through these stories.
It has the big possibility of being developed because 88 HIghway is passing over behind the village and there are several factories around here.

Route to Sunchang Kochujang Village
From Jeonju
Bus) Sunchang-eup (by suburban bus) ⇔ Jeonju (It takes 1 hour)
Car) Jeonju ⇔ #17 national road ⇔ Imsil⇔ #30 national road ⇔ Hoimun-ri⇔ #27 national road ⇔ Sunchang

From Seoul
Bus) Sunchang → Seoul / 08:10, 09:30, 10:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:45
              Seoul → Sunchang / 09:30, 10:30, 11:30, 13:30, 14:45, 16:10
Car) Seoul ⇔ Honam HIghway ⇔ Teain I.C ⇔ #30 national road ⇔ Hoimun-ri ⇔ #27 national road ⇔ Sunchang

From Pusan
Bus) Pusan (by express bus. every 20 minutes) ⇔ Gwangju ⇔ Sunchang (by suburban bus)
Car) Pusan⇔ Namhae HIghway ⇔ Jinju ⇔ Daejeon⇔ Tongyeong HIghway ⇔ Hamyang ⇔ 88 HIghway ⇔ Sunchang I.C

From Gwangju
Bus) Sunchang (by suburban bus) ⇔ Gwnagju (It takes 40 minutes)
Car) Gwangju ⇔ Damyang ⇔ #24 national road ⇔ Sunchang

From Gangreung
Bus) Gangreung (by express bus, every 1 hour) ⇔ Dajeon ⇔ Sunchang (by suburban bus)
Car) Gangreung ⇔ Yeongdong Highway ⇔ Daejeon ⇔ Honam HIghway ⇔ Taein I.C ⇔ #30 national road ⇔ Hoimun-ri ⇔ #27 national road ⇔ Sunchang

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Mt. Gangchun known as little Mt. Keumkang
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Sunchang Gochujang Village
Sunchang Gochujang Village
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