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Village Introduction

Maisan Village of Deokcheon-ri, Maryeong-myeon, Jinan, Jeonbuk is composed of 438 villagers in 202 households.  As 24.7% of its population is composed of 30's and younger and 50.2% of 50's and younger, our village is a typical farm village that is relatively composed of many young people who engage in farming in spite of the high-agedness of farm villages.  

Our village connects to other parts of the country through National Highway #29 and the express ways connecting Iksan and Pohang along with local roads.  It is in high proximity as it easily connects to Jeonju, Namwon and Imsil.  

Jinan is well-known for ginsengs, black pork and Mai Mountains.  Maisan Village especially is a part of Jinan that provides all three specialties of Jinan.  The village has Ginseng Producers' Committee to make effort to produce more high-quality ginsengs systematically and Teotgol Complex, a black pork production specializing complex, to raise sanitary, delicious and high-quality black pork.  Also, there is a path leading to Mai Mountains Hiking Course by the village entrance.  When hiking Mai Mountains through this course, you can fully appreciate the magnificence of Mai Mountains to enjoy a distinguished excitement.

Names and Origins

Sindong Village was first settled by Kim Family around 1238 and later prospered as Lee Family joined the Kim Family.  The village was first called "Notjeomteo" as the settlers engaged in producing brassware and distributed them to other regions.  However, it was renamed Sindong in 1800's when the brassware shops were abandoned.  

Daedong Village was formed as Kim Family began to settle in "Teogol" around 1511.  Later, it began to prosper rapidly as Jeon Family, Choi Family and Gwon Family transferred to settle in this village.  First, it was called "Teogol," but around 1800, it was renamed Daedong by attaching the Chinese characters of "Teogol" meaning foundation village.  

Around 1531, Jang Family established a lecture hall at Seodanggol to educate the next generations. From 1671, they moved to today's Sindeok Village from Seodanggol.  It was first called Seodanggol, but was renamed Sindeok bringing "Deok" from Deokcheon-ri around 1800.  

Chujang Village was first settled by Han Family around 1235 and later became a well-organized village as Kim Family and Nam Family moved in.  It was first called "Garaeul" as Juglans mandshurica are piled up in the forest, but became Chudong in around 1800's.  Finally, it was renamed Chujang with "Chu" from Chudong and "Jang" from "Jangjae-dong," an adjacent village, in 1972.  

Anbang Village was first organized as Kim Family settled in the region about 1481 B.C.E about 500 years ago.  It prospered as Jeong Family and Lee Family moved in.  At first, the villagers called the village "Angol."  According to a legend, it was named Angok by a Buddhist spiritual guider for its geological formation about 360 years ago.  

When the Japanese invaded Korean Peninsula in 1592, none of the people who evacuated to this region saw any casualties.  

Therefore, people started to call it "Anbang" meaning it is the most comfortable master bedroom.  

Panchi Village was first settled by Kim Family around 1195 and later prospered when Park Family, Jeon Family and Seo Family moved in.  

There was a pass leading to Bugui-myeon at the back of the village and as this pass was called "Neolti," the village was first called "Neolti."  There was another village called "Neolti" in Bugui-myeon, so the former was called "Inner Neolti" and the latter "Outer Neolti."  A legend says that a Buddhist spiritual guider named it "Neolti" about 360 years ago.  

Also, some stories say that it was renamed Panchi in 1413 (13th year of the reign of King Taejong of Yi Dynasty), and its name was officially renamed "Panchi" in 1972.  

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Maisan Village
Maisan Village
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