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Jeju Udo Island’s Cheonjin Village
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Udo Island’s Cheonjin Village is the gateway to Udo Island with Udo Port, the largest port in the island.  As a typical farm and fishery village, Cheonjin Village consists of two natural villages, Seocheonjin-dong and Dongcheonjin-dong.  It is situated beneath Udo Peak and it preserves beautiful natural and cultural landmarks, such as Dolkani and old temple sites.

If you look down from Udo Peak, the highest point of Udo Island, you would be enticed by the view of the clear blue sea and the green prairie with cattle and goats.  Cheonjin-ri is the eastern part of Jejudo Island and is the gateway to Udo Island.  It is a beautiful town that cherishes the spirits and breaths of the Korean ancestors who have struggled against the strong winds and waves to succeed the tradition through generations.

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The topography is mostly flat and about 30m above sea level in attitude, except for the volcanic vault of Someori that rises about 132m in the northeast.  Someori Volcano erupted underwater and has about 25° grade.  It has been severely eroded by marine erosion and formed a steep cliff along the southeast shore.  Its original shape has been critically deformed by marine erosion as it was rising above the surface of water.  The rock cliff to the southeast has developed many caves, including Taponi, Tor, Eoryonggul, Dalgeurinan, and Dongamgyeonggulsa, through weathering and marine erosion.


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