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Mureungdowon Village
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No gate.  No crime. The village, an independent village, to success in the spirit of Samu to believe each other. Mureungdowon Village, Seoguipo Si Mureung 2Ri, with a beautiful environment and lenient benevolence, is making an effort recently for the second jump now.

Mureung 2Ri, a secluded village in the mountains, is located in the Southwest of Jeju, and has 540 persons in 170 households, and is consisted of 3 naturally formed town, Inhyang Dong, Jwagi Dong, and Pyeongji Dong. This village is a typical farming village with rich soil, broad plain, Gotjawal surrounding this village smoothly, and Jeonggaebal, Owanggae hill, Gunammul and Gusiheulmot that are preserving an ecosystem, as it is.   

This village is the gate to enter into Jeju Si and Seoguipo, and is a favorite hunting place , once  designated as a official hunting place by governor of Daejoeng, due to the wild life living in the naturally formed ponds scattered in this area that is located neighboring to the forest of Hanla mountain

Though this village is secluded in the mountains, it is consisted of relatively smooth slope and plains due to the low altitude above the sea and viscous soil instead of truss.

This village had produced ceramic wares in the Agricultural age and got spotlights recently as the producing center of grapes, tangerine and garlic.

This village is a Mureungdowon, a true paradise, due to the beautiful Gotjawal and a woodland path, designated by Korea Forest Service as “The forest of Life” in 2008, and the living ecosystem. And it was designated as The town with no crime, The good village to live, Green village available to experience farming village, Independence village.


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