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Bogildo Island
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Bogildo Island

- Bogildo Island is the southernmost point of Wando-gun looking out to Soando Island and Cheongsando Island to the east, Nohwa to the north, Jodo-myeon of Jindo to the west, and Chujado Island to the south.

- As the center of Dadohae National Marine Park, Bogildo has the heavenly landscape of Yoon, Sun Do’s Remains and Yesong, Jung-ri and Tong-ri Beaches that have miles of pebble and sand fields.  Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest, which is Natural Monument No. 40, is also located in Bogildo Island.

 Bogildo Yesong Village

 - Yesong-ri is the largest village in Bogildo Island.  Its greatest beauties are the pebble beach that forms a 1.4km fan along the southeastern coast of Bogildo Island and the Evergreen Forest.  Yesong-ri’s beaches are covered by dark-blue pebbles called Gaetdol.  Every time the waves hit the beach, you can hear the unique sound made by the rolling pebbles.  Sunrise at the beach is so beautiful that it is picked as one of the Eight Beautiful Sceneries of Wando.

 - This village originated from a traditional village called Yejak, which was named so because the people in the village admired politeness and pursued ethics.  It was later named Yesong because the village fostered many writers to enlighten people, the people were naturally polite and gentle, and even the pine trees in the village seemed polite.

 Tourist Attractions

 - Yesong Village’s attractions are the beautiful beaches – Jung-ri, Tong-ri, and Yesong-ri BeachesYesong-ri Evergreen Forest, and the remains of Yoon, Sun Do who wrote many poetic songs.


 - The village has clean natural environments and grows various kinds of seafood, such as abalone, brown seaweed, seaweed fusiforme, and kelp.

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