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Naju Plain Village
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Introduction of Village, People, and Specialties

Naju Plain Village is a traditional village known for a 500-year-old water willow tree and is also called Bangchuk Village.  Naju Plain Village is the gateway to the transportation of Jeonnam's 13 cities and towns and borders Gwangju Metropolitan City.  It is by the upstream of Yeongsan River and also by Jiseok River that has abundant volume of water and that harmonizes with luxurious pine forests.  With sufficient water sources, it has been known for its advanced suburban agriculture and provision of fresh vegetables and fruits to the metropolitan area.  It is also one of the major providers of rice from its fertile and broadly open Yungnim Plain.  In 2005, a 650,000-pyong (215ha) tourism complex, including a golf course and various leisure facilities, will be established around Naju Lake, and Jiseok Riverside is appointed as a citizen's tourism complex to start inducing private funding that can support the development of its potential as a complex attraction of urban and rural areas with lots of things to see, taste, and enjoy.  Also, various producers' teams are centered on Nampyeong Agricultural Cooperative, one of the most outstanding natural agricultural cooperatives, to perform various remarkable activities and about 40 local social organizations are devoting their fullest efforts for the development of Nampyeong.  These meritorious inputs are leading to local developments in various aspects, such as greater income, collaboration, and organization of local people.

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Theme Sightseeing
Jangyeon Lecture Hall from the Joseon Dynasty
Dongsa-ri Seokdeung (Stone Lantern)
Naju Munbaui (Rock)
Nampyeong Confucian Temple
Jungnim Temple
Agricultural Technology Center
Jiseok River Amusement Park
Special product
Writing Brush
Yellow Earth
Western Orchids
Eel Eastern Medicine Energy Drink
Nampyeong Strawberries
The Most Favorite Rice of King Wanggun
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