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Goksung HwangDung Rice Village
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village Introduction

HwangDung Rice Village, Okgwa-myeon is located 25 minutes away from Gwangju where Honam Expressway and Okgwa IC lay. It neighbors Hwasun and Damyang-gun and also interconnects Sunchang-gun and Namwon-gun of Jeonbuk region making the village a traffic hub of the province.

Crystal clear water from Okgwa Stream and clean air along with vast fertile HwangDung field (207ha) rich in clay makes HwangDung Rice Village an ideal place for organic agriculture. The villages are located around the HwangDung field.


They organize HwangDung Rice farming association foundation and 6 groups of Jakmokban for high quality agricultural products growing and forwarding. And all residents run them actively with united power.

Also, uniquely, Jeonnam Science College is located in Myeon unit, so it is center of education which is college village that has youth and dream.

We can feel it by name, it produces abundant fruits, and it has appropriate condition to environmental agriculture that has clean water, fresh air and wide argillaceous and fertile land which called HwangDung field. Especially, HwangDung rice apple, grape and Dongbu bean's sales volume is insufficient, and those act as motive power of farm house income as competitive item and large income item.

As tourist resort, Okgwa art gallery which exhibits about 6,800 collection of artist Asan Jo Bang Won, Seongnyun Temple that Priest Cheonghwa registered and we can see and experience priest's life and ascetic exercise, and Seomjin River Nature learning center which has graceful nature scene such as fresh and green Seomjin River.


Also, Mt. Seol which has fantastic rocks and stones and Gwanju Country Club that is near the Gwanju and various sightseeing is in there, therefore, it has optimized condition for traveling with family.


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