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Happy Island Village_About town
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Jindo Haengbokhan summaeul(Happy Island Village) is located in Jodo-myun, which has the most islands(total 150) among other myun areas that are designated as Dadohae(sea) national parks. Jodo is known "Capri of the Eastern" for it is full of tourism resources such as strangely shaped rocks and various sightseeings and the name "Jodo" is given because many islands are gathered at one place like birds.

Most of the sea near Jodo are natural nursery where various marine products such as seaweed and tangleweed are cultivated as well as sea weed fusiforme which is the special local product and there is a beach that forms a harmony with the nature environment. The time of new marine generation, the information village is created to publicize and promote the sustainable improvement by creating beautiful and unique Korean-style house residence area in Haengbokhan summaeul - the village which was selected as the happy village for the harmony between people and the nature.


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