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Starting with the making better living village project in 2007, Usan Jirungi village has been designated as happy village and green farm experience village which provided the outline of making better living village project in Jeollanamdo, the land of green. It is the first village in Asia to be certified as the slow city where city people can visit and relax.

It is a mountain village where agriculture and forestry are being operated together and is the pure area(chungjung area) which cultivates pyogo mushrooms and chemical-free rice. Usan Jirungi village is the only village to use excrement of worms to harvest agricultural products such as ssam vegetables, specialized vegetables, cabbages, red peppers and beans. The village has prepared the basis of secondary processing project of soybean paste, soy sauce and kimchi and together with earthworm ecology learning experience program, the village is developing products and securing sales network through internet to create agricultural income and enhance the quality of farmer's life.


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