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Duryun Smurf village
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Village Introduction


About 1km away from Samsan-myeon toward Daeheung Temple,....
About 1km away from Samsan-myeon toward Daeheung Temple, Duryun Smurf Village that is composed of Homestay Village (Museon-dong) with well-organized Korean Houses; Won Village located on both sides of the road; Natural Farm (Bulseongdon) beneath a huge pass; and five Deokchon-dong places is located experiencing new transitions. With a tall Japanese Apricot Tree, the village was settled by Japanese descendants and the tenants who shared the farms of Daeheung Temple. As it was settled by outsiders who came for less pricy lands when it was underdeveloped, the villagers respect one other and share warmth.

With the construction of Three-way Reservoir (Yangchon Bank)....
With the construction of Three-way Reservoir (Yangchon Bank), the open dry fields (Garaebeondeokji) were cultivated to become irrigated paddies. Since then, the villagers have become wealthier and today, they cultivate cherry tomatoes and cucumbers at plastic-film greenhouses and gain profits with Pleurotus ostreatus and Ganoderma Lucidum to become a wealthier village. Such transition resulted from the constant effort made by the labor forces of 30’s and 40’s who stayed here to work in the farms rather than leaving to cities. While many tourists passed the village to visit Daeheung Temple, about 30 youngsters fought the sultriness to work in the greenhouses.

Compared to the old times, the village cultivated most of....

Compared to the old times, the village cultivated most of its farmland to make 53ha of farm. About half of all farmland is possessed by Daeheung Temple, so most villagers are tenants with the average of 1ha of land in their possession. 50 out of 91 households engage in farming and the remaining profit by homestaying or natural farm businesses. In order to efficiently use small lands, they study to make the most out of 20 units of mushrooms and 35 units of greenhouses. The Women’s Committee is dedicated to initiative management of the village to be recognized by the district and the members are known for their politeness to elders. The village festival is held twice a year and everybody participate to enhance the collaboration of the village.


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Duryun Smurf village
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Duryun Smurf village
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