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Local Village Gangwon
Chuncheon Jangjeolgong Village
It is the picture of Seo Myun, Cuncheon Si under towering Samak Mountain. There is clam Euam lake in the front. This village is famous for coming forward doctors in succession. After the first doctor in 1963, M.D. Byeong Deok Song, and the 3rd doctor, Prime Minister Seung Su Han, 110 doctors including honorary doctor has been came forward
Baekdam Village
As you can guess from the name of village, Baekdam village is very near by Baekdam Temple in Naeseolak.Baedam Temple is the place where Manhae, Han Young Woon composed “ My dear’s Silence” , Manhae started Buddist Monk, in the same breath, Jeon Doo Hwan, ex-present stayed and joy and sorrow of historical people in Korea were all together.
Baekdu Village
Jeongseon Baekdu Village is a mountainous village in Gangwon-do Province.
Bamduduk Village
Hwengugn Bamduduk village has gotten the fame by beautiful mountains, pure water, and fresh nature. The name has been called because of the abundant chestnut trees. This village is so beautiful that Seung-man Lee, the first president of Republic of Korea, used to have his villa in this village. Sum-River, where the wave-bridge was, runs through the village. Then, the village is surrounded by beautiful mountains and fields. Although the amount of chestnut trees distinctly has diminished, villager’s warm humanity is still there exactly like the way it was.
Boksaggot village
Boksaggot Village is an agricultural village that is close to the sea. It is Yeongdong’s best fruit-growing village where you can enjoy all fruits of all seasons with the salty smell of the sea harmonizing with sweet smell of fruits.
Cheolwon Nue Village
Our Jamgok-ri is the region belonging to Geunnam-myeon of Cheolwon-gun, which has been called Nue Village or Jamgok because the mountain at the entry to the village looks like a silkworm, with the merger and abolition of local administrative divisions in 1914, Gancheon, Dodeok-dong, Banghwa-dong conjoined Jamgok-ri and it was incorporated into Cheolwon-gun in 1963.
Chuncheon Seombae Village
Seombae Village is comprised of Haengcheon-ri and Gwangpan(1, 2, 3)-ri of Namsan-myeon Chuncheon, Gangwon-do and is abour 20km to the south of central Chuncheon (adjacent to Gapyeong-gun of Gyeonggi-do). Its surrounding mountaineous regions have clean natural environments and the hearts of its people collaborate in nature.
Crane Peace Village
Crane Peace Village formed on a reclamation land on Aug 30. 1968 is a village that makes effort to preserve the clean environments of the northernmost land and to realize environmentally-friendly farming. The village was immigrated in 1968 and 1979. As a result of endangering lives to reclaim mine fields and unused lands, a land of future aiming for the unification of Koreas was created.
Donghae Cheongjeong-Sinheung
Follow the meandering paths down the hill to Sinheung Village, the first village in Donghae. As the gateway to Donghae from Jeongseon on National Highway No. 42, this village is a typical farm village with about 120 farm households.
Donghae Shimgok Yakcheon Village
The name of Shimgok Yaksheon village, located in the deep valley below Mangun mountain, was originated from Gu Man Nam, Yakcheon, the Prime Ministry under king Sukjong in the era of Chosun dynasty, who had stayed here.
Galgol Han-gwa Village
"Galgol Hangwa Village" is located in Gangrung. The village is like any other rural village that recalls memories of one's home town. "Galgol Hangwa Village" preserves and exudes a traditional aura and spirit. In 1989, it was selected as a village for preserving traditional food. In 2001, it was selected as an excellent village for the New Rural Area Construction Movement. It was also selected as a model village for the information promotion project.
Gangneung Daegiri Village
The first village beneath heaven~ The Green Highland of Daegiri Village!! Daegiri Village is located on a highland in the center of Baekgu Great Mountain Range that divides Gangwon-do into Yeongdong and Yeongseo and has Korea’s greatest forest that cherishes the original magnificence of Korea. Although it is a mountainous village, it is rapidly becoming a No. 1 village and tourism site of environmental-friendly mountain experiences with the development of convenient transportation.
Gangneung hak village
Hakvillage is a farm village located in Gujeong-myeon of Gangneung, Gangwon-do, about 6km to the south of Gangneung City Hall and 1km from Gujeong-myeon Office in Yeochan-ri.
Gariwangsan Village
Gariwangsan village lies to the point of 12km along the NO.42 national road from Jeongseon eup closed by Yongtan-ri and Hoedong-ri. Jueongseon-eup, in Jueongseon county.
Goseong Dawn jindeung villige
Dowon-3-ri is called Jindeung Village. Jindeung refers to the fields that become muddy when it rains.
Gyechon Village
Gyechon Village is in Pyoungchang. Since it preserves pure nature, fresh air and clean water can be seen everywhere in the region. We welcome you to "Pyoungchang Gyechon Village," a producer of pollution-free natural foods.
Haedam Village
Haedam Village at Seorim-ri Seo-myeon Yangyang-gun in Gangwon-do is a farm village by a deep valley and a green forest.
Hanwooltari Village
"High mountain and deep valley" Bukdong-ri Hanwooltari Village
Pyeongchang Gyebangsan Village is located 700m above sea level best vitalizing the metabolism of human body… Appointed an Ecology Protective Zone, Gyebangsan Village has well-protected natural environments. We call the height that best enhances the metabolism and provides ideal environments Happy700.
Hoengseong Samwonsu Yakcho Village
Intro.jpg The name of Samwonsu Yakcho Village was originated form the history that the three generations, Chung Jo, a military commander and civil minister in Gorye dynasty, and his son, Young In Jo
Hongcheon Palbong Village
Palbong Village where the affectionateness of a country and village people’s humanity are alive is a home-stay village designated by Gangwon-do, which is located at 30 minutes’ drive to the west from Hongcheon-eup. Pure and clean Hongcheongang(riv.) flows across the village, and there are Mt. Palbong composed of 8 peaks and Daemyeong Vivaldi Park in the neighborhood.
Hongcheon Saldun villige
Saldun Village is a clean region located by the upstream of Naerincheon Stream in Nae-myeon Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do.
Hwacheon Pungsan Village
Pungsan Village, a typical rural country of Gangwon-do is as beautiful and affluent as the name given because that it has a lot of winds and mountains from old days and it remains the cleanness and quietness of the interior between mountains.
Hwacheon Woncheon Village
A Development Committee, Senior Association, Women’s Association, Young Men’s Association, and 38 North Cultivation Team are currently active with the participation of the entire village.
Hwacheon Woncheon Village
Woncheon Village was originally located at Haseo-myeon of Hwacheon-gun and was the home of Woncheon Station for horse riders in the Joseon Dynasty.
Hwajinpo Village
Hwajinpo (old name: Gapyoung) is located next a 7,2000Pyoung(238,032m²)wideamd 16Km round lake which is next to East Sea and, above that, a pine forest surround it like curtain. The port has extremely fantastic rocks and stones. The shallow depth of clear ocean makes long sand field excellent scenery. Up until end of Japanese rule, it was for foreigners’ summerhouses. During the Korean War, Kim, Ilsung’s summerhouse was there and it is still there as a security park which gets a lot of visitors.
Hwangdun Village
Hwangdun Village has abundant natural and tourism resources. It used to be very inaccessible, but Sinrim Tunnel and Sinrim IC have brought transportation convenience to convert this typical farm village to an outstanding tourism attraction.
Introducing Omi Village
Omi Village of Yanggu-gun in Gangwon-do has originated from the five tastes it provides: spicy taste, sweet taste, bitter taste, the taste of scorched rice, and nutty taste.
Introducing Punggok Village
The southernmost part of Gangwon-do that borders Seokpo.
Introducing Ujeonri Village
Ujeonri Village is formed around Seonghwangdang that was enshrined about 350 years ago.
Jeongseon Soldol village
Nampyeong-ri Soldol (pine trees and stone) Village is a place where mandarin ducks and many unknown birds swim in Joyang River,
Naeseorak Village
Naeseorak Village is the center of on-land transportation and the marker of Gangwon treasuring heavenly tourists’ resources. It is composed of four official towns including Wontong-ri, Wolhak-ri, Hangye-ri and Yongdae-ri and has 8,000 populations in the land taking 21% of all Inje and possessing 60% of National Park of Seorak Mountains.
Neowa Village
The Neowa Village located at Sin-li Dogyeo-eup Samcheok-city, was called [SoBootChi] because there are [large and small WooChockChi], a kind of pass-hill between this village and Gusa-li. This name was changed into [BuSoisGol] meaning of Heated Iron village. After that the name of village became Sin-li because the villager believed that the former name open called fires in the village.
Punchbowl Village
Punchbowl village , Haean-Myeon, Yanggu County, Gangwon Province dwelling 1700 residents 470 families and some consisted of 5 areas is the only Myeon locates within the restricted zone limited in and out of private citizen has many peculiarities in geomorphological and geo political respect. This area including Mt. Daeam is the fierce battle field in Korean War evolved battles being recorded in a war history like Punchbowl Battle, Mt. Dosol Battle, Gachilbong Battle and so on. So in this area it was set up several monumental telling the situation in those days of war in order to honor the memory of now here and there erected the signpost of ‘mine’ takes person who watch them for the first time breath away.
Pyeongchang Euiyajee Wind Village
The village which first meets the stars, wind, sunlight and moonlight. The village in which you can hear first the news of the flower of snow cleanest in the world. That is the Pyeongchang Euiyajee Wind Village.
Samcheok Hwanseon village
Gangwon-do Samcheok Hwanseon Village is administered by Singi-myeon of Samcheok.
Samcheok Sanyang Village
Sanyang-ri used to be called Sangyang or Salli, but was started to be called Sanyang as it is very sunny and promotes good cultivation with high temperatures year-round.
Samsaeng Village
Samsaeong village is beautiful uncontaminated area upstream of the Hwayang River about 31km apart from the seat of the district’ office, lived together with plenty of good-hearted, respecting the manners. It is highlands but relatively has many plains adjoined Nea-Myeon and Bongpyeong-Myeon, Pyeongchang County toward the east, Hwachon-Myeon and Naechon-Myeon toward west, Dong-Myeon and Cheongil-Myeon, Hongseong County toward south and Sangnam-Myeon, Inje County toward north.
Sokcho Hadomun Village
Hadomun Village is about 0.5km to the west (toward Mt. Seorak) of Sokcho Tourist Information Center (entrance to Mt. Seorak) on National Highway No. 7.
Solbawoo Village
Chunchon has 3 lakes-Soyangho, Uiamho and Chunchonho. All these lakes were created artificially as a result of the construction of a dam. Due to the presence of the lakes, Chunchon is often shrouded with fog. It is common to encounter a foggy morning in Chunchon. Anybody who visits Chunchon is first fascinated by the landscape from a far off distance and falls in love with the city. The natural beauty of the city, particularly the lakes, quells the minds of people who quest for the peace and innocence of nature.
Taebaek Hangangbalwonji Village
This village was called ‘ Changdaegol’. In the past. The name was originated from the rich green bamboos growing wildly. This village is famous for its clearness and has an artist town in the deep valley under Mangun mountain. It is now called Shimgok Yakcheon village because Gu Man Nam, Prime Minister under king Sukjong in Chosun dynasty, had stayed here.
Togomi Village
Togomi village is consisted of four Ris as of Sinpung-Ri, Sindae-Ri, Guwoon-Ri, and Jangchon-Ri which are located in Sangseo-Myeon, Hwacheon County, Kangwon Province. We produce organic duck-rice, organic chilli, bean, sweet potato, potato, etc., keeping in mind of protection for pure and beautiful nature and our natural foods in Kangwon area.
Toseong-folk Village
This town located about 11km North of Cheorwon Distance Office along the Korean road No.43, being Deok ryeongsan close behind, about 300m forward of the town Namdaecheon, a width of 200m runs, Semi plain front field looks toward the Fast is quiet and pleasant town.
Wine-mellowing Village
The Wine-mellowing Village is located at 20km to east from Yongwol Kunchung(county office). That area is a portion of boundary of Hangdoon of Wonju city, Checheon city, Pyongchang-kun and Hoengsung-kun. This village is one of typical mountain village of which level is high and plane area. It is possible to engage in agriculture using cool climate.
Woncheon village
Woncheon Village is a lake village located by the beautiful Lake Chuncheon by the clean upstream Bukhan River, cool Gamani Valley, and Mt. Janggun along National Highway No. 5 from Sabuk-myeon of Chuncheon to Hwacheon.
Yanggu Jeongjungang Village
Jeongjungang Village is comprised of Dochon-ri, Chang-1-ri, and Chang-2-ri at Nam-myeon of Yanggu-gun. It is a typical farm village that is located in the southeast corner of Yanggu-gun and is known for its pure and sincere people.
Yemil Grape Village
Yemil Grape Village produces high quality grapes with high sugar content due to the effect of wide diurnal range of Youngwol area
Yeongwol Donggang village
As many young men have moved back to Donggang Village from urban areas, the village is now full of energy.
ant_Village Introduction
Gaemideul village, the town that preserves the beauty of mountains and rivers of Jungsun - the home of Arirang - is named after the people of village of their diligence that resemble ants(gaemi). Also, Nakdong means
dg_Village Introduction
Dukgo village is located 4km away from southeast of Hoengseong-gun office and the whole village is surrounded by Dukgo-san. Yeongdong highway interchanges at 2km and 6km distance away from the southern village which connects
dongchang village
Dongchang Village of Hongcheon is a farm village with the current population of 552 people in 213 households. It is a village of history and culture that provides pollution-free vegetables and that possesses various historic sites and cultural assets such as 1919 Eternity Park with Pallyeol Monument House and Mulgeolli Temple.
haesari village
Haesari Village in Gangneung of Gangwon-do used to be called Sageumak or Sagimak because there were many porcelain vessel makers in this town surrounded by the Baekdu Range 200 years ago.
hwangsan village
The old town of Hwangsan Village with the sound of nature maintains the traditional culture of Korea and refines the village with special devotion and passion to provide many attractions
jinburyungheulri village
Jinburyung Heulri Village is located at the foothill of Geumgang Mountains and is known as the biggest pimento producer in Korea. Masan Summit District is a four-season total vacation tour village where Alps Resort is located. The name "Heulri" means high mountain summit and originates from its location surrounded by high summits.
paroho village
Paroho Saengtae Village has Yonghwa Mountains behind it and 1st-class pure Paro Lake in front of it. It produces environmentally-friendly cultured wild ginseng, Acanthopanax senticosus, mountain Codonopsis lancerolata and vegetables. Yongho-ri was formed by the people of Yuchon-2-ri when it was sunk underwater after the construction of Hwacheon Hydraulic Power Generator.
sinsun village
Sinsun Village was originally called Horse Town and divided into upper, middle and lower towns. It is located on Eungbong Mountains (1270m) and is a sacred place. The village where its main stream, Maeup Stream, which is surrounded by Taebaek Mountain Ranges – Eungbong Mountains (1270m), Yukbaek Mountains (1244m), Duri Summit (1070m) and Sageum Mountains (1092m) - of Baekdu Mountain Chain, flows around, is a typical Gangwon mountain village dwelled by the descendents of Gangwon inland ginseng-diggers as in fairy tales.
songchoen village
Songcheon Village is a small and comfortable countryside village with unpolluted nature and warmth of the villagers. Their rice cakes made by traditional methods are famous and the visitors can experience rice-cake making.
서각마을 소개
Located at the end of Hongcheon about 60km off of Hongcheon-gun, this was originally the Naesam-myeon region of Gangneung-gun and called Bangnae in the past. With the integration and reshuffling of administrative regions, it became part of Bangnae-ri, Nae-myeon, Hongcheon-gun in 1945. The view of the Bangnaecheon valley that flows along the town and the thick forests make a picturesque scenery for the town. There is a well kept trail that connects the homes of the town, making it a mountain town where you can see, feel and enjoy the natural scenery.
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