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Hwacheon Woncheon Village
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Village Information     
Civil Organization
▶ A Development Committee, Senior Association, Women’s Association, Young Men’s Association, and 38 North Cultivation Team are currently active with the participation of the entire village.
 - The Development Committee was formed for the development of the village and currently pursues friendship by exchanging information and technology every month.
- The Senior Association contributes to the village by building friendship, preserving traditional culture, and developing the village through village purification activities.
- The Young Men’s Association plays leading roles in managing undesignated tourist attractions and village events.
- The Women’s Association promotes village events, manages the experience programs, and pursues the development of the village.
- The 38 North Cultivation Team contributes to the farm income by cultivating environmentally-friendly farm produce, exchanges technologies to produce quality farm produce, and develops/manages experience programs.  
▶ All organizations are actively participating in the village’s events and festivals.
▶ The village is planning to make an exclusive sisterhood agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s General Affairs Department in 2006 to share resources in cultivation and sales of farm produce.
▶ Selected as Outstanding New Farm Village in 1999, the village has raised scholarship funds and established a sports park.
▶ The village was selected as the Green Farm Experience Village in 2003 and 2004 to establish Woncheon Pension and Agricultural Produce Distribution Center.
▶ Woncheon Pension Complex provides convenient and comfortable lodging to visitors.
▶ Lake Experience Park was formed through Agriculture/Fishery Town Development Project.
▶ Native Wild Flower Village will be promoted to create a wild flower botanical garden.

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Bukhan River, Paro Lake
Woncheon Life Sports Park, Lake Park
Woncheon Life Sports Park, Lake Park
Mt. Hwaak
Native Wild Flower Donggurae Complex
Water Sports, Woncheon Fishing Ground
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Spring Experience
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Autumn Experience
Winter Exchange
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Woncheon Pension Complex
Special product
Chemical-free Duckling Rice
Black Rice
Sesame Seeds and Perilla Seeds
Chemical-free Tomatoes and Squash
Native Honey
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