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Gangneung hak villige
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Introducing Gujeong-myeon Hakvillage

Hak village is a farm village located in Gujeong-myeon of Gangneung, Gangwon-do, about 6km to the south of Gangneung City Hall and 1km from Gujeong-myeon Office in Yeochan-ri.
It is the birthplace of National Priest Beomil for whom Gangneung Danoje, the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage, is performed.  It preserves a 1,000-year-old gingko tree, historic Wang Hill, and Jangan Castle.  Many other cultural heritages, such as Gulsansa Temple Pagoda (Treasure No. 85), Gulsansa Temple Site Columns (Treasure No. 86), and Haksan Odokttegi (Gangwon-do Intangible Cultural Asset No. 5), allow us to presume the prosperity of its old culture.
As they often say in Gangneung ‘People stay in Mosan and Haksan when alive and go to Seongsan when they die,’ Haksan-ri has beautiful environments and has fostered outstanding individuals (25 Ph.D.’s, 120 professors and teachers, 86 government officers, and 32 other professional degrees such as doctors, etc.).
This is a place where cranes fly in every spring and fly away in autumn.  This place has been called Hakvillage because thousands of cranes sitting on evergreen pine trees create magnificent scenes.
Hakvillage particularly has lots of yellow plum trees, pine trees, persimmons trees, and gingko trees and produces barley, potato, sweet potato, soybean, sesame seeds, Indian millet, radish, Napa cabbage, and hot pepper from its farms and fields.

Village Information
Jurisdiction: Haksan-2-ri Gujeong-myeon
                  Gangneung, Gangwon-do
Households/Population: 354 people in 136 households
Leading Cultural Assets

Gulsan Temple

Historical Relic No. 448

Gulsansa Temple Site Pagoda

Treasure No. 85

Gulsansa Temple Site Columns

Treasure No. 86

Gulsansa Temple Site Seated Stone Buddha

 Cultural Item No. 38

Haksan Odokttegi

Intangible Cultural Asset No. 5


Incheon International Airport (Incheon International Airport Highway No. 120) → Seoul (Yeongdong Highway No. 50) → Gangneung → Kwandong University Intersection → Gujeong-myeon Health Center → Hakvillage

Gimpo Airport → Seoul (Yeongdong Highway No. 50) → Gangneung → Kwandong University Intersection →      Gujeong-myeon Health Center → Hakvillage

Yangyang International Airport (National Highway No. 7) → Gangneung → Kwandong University Intersection → Gujeong-myeon Health Center → Hakvillage


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