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Cheolwon Nue Village
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[Cheolwon Nue Village]


Our Jamgok-ri is the region belonging to Geunnam-myeon of Cheolwon-gun, which has been called Nue Village or Jamgok because the mountain at the entry to the village looks like a silkworm, with the merger and abolition of local administrative divisions in 1914, Gancheon, Dodeok-dong, Banghwa-dong conjoined Jamgok-ri and it was incorporated into Cheolwon-gun in 1963.

Driving for about 2 hours from Seoul, and passing Pocheon going through Shinsul tunnel, a small and nice village called Dodeok-dong appears below Jamgok Dam. Passing a small bridge beside the village and going up the hill, another small village called Banghwa-dong belonging to the same Jamgok 3-ri by administrative divisions appears. Like this, Jamgok 3-ri of Geunnam-myeon, Cheolwon-gun, Gangwon-do consists of about 160 people of 53 houses from Banghwa-dong and Dodeok-dong.

Beside the village, there is a big lake formed with the fresh water of Jamgok Dam, which makes a magnificent view with the mountain range of Mt.  Bokju, 1,057m above sea level. The geographical features of Mt. Bokju are not rugged and the path up a mountain is well arranged, so it is not dangerous even in case snow accumulates in winter and climbers can appreciate snowdrops in winter along the path so it is a proper place for a family trip or winter time climbing.

There are plenty of various wild vegetables in spring, and precious herbs can be gathered in the deep mountains, the highland vegetables, minor cereals and shiitake mushrooms are major farming products.

 Major trees composing forests are oak trees and chestnut trees, chestnuts and acorn fruits superabound at any place in fall. Tourists can experience to make acorn starch jelly directly by grinding acorns. And at the?Sabangjip?, a native food restaurant run by Seok-yong Yun, a village person, tourists can taste acorn starch jellies and handmade bean curds directly made by the owner.

Home-stay houses are run by Hyeon-sik Yun in Banghwa-dong, and by Seok-hwan Yun in Dodeok-dong, and in case of group tourists, they had better use Maewoldae recreational forest. In case of private home-stay houses, city dwellers can feel the sentiment of the country to the full and they can taste the native chicken raised in the houses.

Accommodations of Maewoldae recreational forest are made as the shape of log cabins, the fittings are the most modern as they have been built recently, which match with the surrounding scenery of the mountains and clear waters of brooks flow beside, so tourists can feel the elegance of nature to the utmost.

Waking up in the daybreak, they can see the grand sight that the fog of Jamgok Dam and the physical aspect of surrounding mountains are harmonized, and along the walking path of Maewoldae recreational forest, they can enjoy wood bathing with breathing in clean air.

This village is not far from Seoul or the capital area, only 2 hours?drive, so it is suitable as 1-day tour course, this is the village where tourists can breathe in clean air, see unpolluted natural sceneries and eat healthy foods.

Have a meaningful time to make rich sensitivity and beautiful recollections for children and to recall the memories of young days to adults in Jamgok-ri surrounded by the nature.

We welcome all the people who come to Jamgok-ri. Thank you.

Current Sate of Village
Residents' Organization
 With participation of all the residents, cropping group (12persons), womenassociation (30persons), young people's association (30persons), old peopleassociation(35persons) are in operation..
- Cropping group is organized aiming cropping vegetables, which labors for the friendship through information exchange and technology exchange in every month.
- Young people's association plays a key role in managing undesignated tourists attractions in the village and in performing village events.
It has the organizations to take part in all sorts of matters of village actively.

Demand of Development
In 2003, this village was selected as the experience village of farm village tour, and there is the active development will of village people centering on the head of the village.
It has the plan to harden production base by enlarging environmental agriculture and to arrange living environment.
The plans that waterside leisure using Jamgok reservoir and farm village sightseeing are associated should be established.
It has the plan to expand the accommodation structures for the visitors to take a full rest.

Access to the Village

1) Passenger's car

(1) Incheon International Airport ?Seoul(national road No.43) - Uijongbu - Chukseokryeong - Pocheon - Mansegyo Bridge - Yangmun - Uncheon - New Cheolwon - Jamgok3-ri (2 hours taken)

(2) Yangyang International Airport (national road No.7) - Gangneung (Yeongdong expressway) - Chuncheon(Jungang expressway) - Sachang-ri (national road No. 56) - Hao tunnel - Jamgok3-ri

2) Inter-City Bus

(1) From Seoul

- Sangbongdong Inter-City Bus Terminal (2h 30m taken)

- East Seoul Inter-City Bus Terminal (2h 30m taken)

- Suyuri Inter-City Bus Terminal (1h 30m taken)

(2) Arriving terminals

- New Cheolwon Terminal (033) 452-2551

- Dongsong Terminal (033) 455-2339

- Wasu Terminal (033) 458-3555

3) Train (

- Uijongbu <--> Shintanri (1h 13m taken)

- Uijongbu ->Dongducheon ->Yeoncheon ->Jeongok ->Shintanri(taking a bus to New Cheolwon, Ipyeongri at Shintanri Station)


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