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Sokcho Hadomun Village
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Hadomun Village ? the Gateway to Seorak

Hadomun Village is about 0.5km to the west (toward Mt. Seorak) of Sokcho Tourist Information Center (entrance to Mt. Seorak) on National Highway No. 7.

It is a typical farm village that is located by the gateway to Daepohang, Korea’s largest raw fish market, and Mt. Seorak, Korea’s most noted mountain and will be leading Korea’s informationalization as it was selected an Invil in 2005.


A Secret Garden in Urban Area

When you long for the scent of nature away from the city, head toward Hadomun Village.

Hadomun Village is a typical farm village even though it is located within a city.  Hadomun Village, in which you can meet both the beauty of clean nature and the convenience of a city, is a secret garden in urban area.  


Enjoy farm experiences, tourism, and health!

At Hadomun Village, you can enjoy various farm experiences and tourism activities.  You can experience a rural lifestyle in different season and visit many attractions nearby.  You can also purchase high-quality farm produce, including vegetable wraps, the specialty of Hadomun Village, at low process.   


Why is it called Hadomun Village?

Priest Jajang from the Shilla Empire spent a night at Naksan Temple on his way to Mt. Seorak for Buddhist meditation and found someone at Hadomun (下道門) to ask for directions to Mt. Seorak.  The second place he asked for directions was called Jungdomun (中道門) and the last place beneath Mt. Seorak, Sangdomun (上道門).


Directions to Hadomun Village

1. Seoul-Yangpyeong-Hongcheon-Inje-Wontong-Mishiryeong-Mt. Seorak-Hadomun Village

2. Seoul-Yangpyeong-Hongcheon-Inje-Wontong-Hangyeryeong-Yangyang-Daepo-Mt. Seorak-Hadomun Village

3. Seoul-Yeongdong Highway-Hyeonnam IC-National Highway No. 7-Namae-Hajodae-Yangyang-Naksan-Mt. Seorak-Hadomun Village

4.  Daepohang ? 10 minutes

5.  Sokcho Beach ? 10 minutes


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