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Village Introduction

Crane Peace Village of Cheolwon is the northernmost land of South Korea closest to the DMZ.  By preserving clean environments and realizing environmentally-friendly farming, they are actively making effort to characterize and to specialize their products and initiating for new farm village movement, information village and traditional theme village.  

Crane Peace Village is located 2 hours and 30 minutes north of Seoul.  You may take a train at Uijeongbu to Sintan-ri and take a local transit or take a suburban bus in Seoul (Suyu-ri) to Dongsong and take local transit #39-2 (Dongsong<->Sintan-ri Station) (departs every hour: takes 7 minutes).

[History] On Mar 10. 1967 as the government planned to recreate a village in the land that was abandoned by Korean War aiming to strengthen the national defense and to increase the food supply to fight the cold war against North Korea, 150 anti-communists, 80 from Cheolwon and 70 from Yeoncheon, first moved into the village to live in army tents.  On Aug 30 of the next year, the 150 settlers brought their family to form a permanent village.  

Nine households moved into the village in Sep 1976.  In Oct 1979, the village with 188 households was divided into Bongdong, Moseul and Gaeul Town and the Farm Village Resident Zone Improvement Project with the Government's 20-year low-interest loan program was completed.  Today, it has become a village with 718 populations in 235 households.  

- Motivation: Aiming to strengthen the national defense and to increase the food supply to fight the cold war against North Korea, the army base and the veterans endangered their lives to reclaim the mine fields and unused lands with agricultural tools to create a land of future for the unification of Koreas.

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Crane Peace Village
Crane Peace Village
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