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Donghae Shimgok Yakcheon Village
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Introduction of village

 The name of Shimgok Yaksheon village, located in the deep valley below Mangun mountain, was originated from Gu Man Nam, Yakcheon, the Prime Ministry under king Sukjong in the era of Chosun dynasty, who had stayed here. He is famous for as originator of Korean verse Is east window bright? Skylark is singing and the tradition of creating verse has been continuing by the experience of verse performed in this village. It is located at the entrance of Donghae coming from Okgye Myun, Gangreung Si connected to Mangsang I.C of Donghae Highway and 7th national road, and is the best summer resort due to the neighboring Mangsang swimming beach and auto camping resort. Groundsel, villagers principal products besides environment friendly crops, is being produced in the winter and delivered to the market earlier than other products nationwide, and is sold through electronic commerce.



YoungDong Highway => Mangsang I.C => Direct to Donghae( Donghae Auto driving practice course)=> Shimgok Yakcheon village

Donghae => Mangsang swimming beach => Donghae Auto driving practice course => Shimgok Yakcheon village

Inter city bus terminal, Mukho station, Donghae station => Urban bus ( No 11, 11-1, 12-1,61,71,100, Seat bus No 91)

Situation of village

a) Name of village : 3Tong, Mangsang Dong, Donghae si, Gangwon do( Shimgok Yakcheon village)

b) Location : It is far away 5km from Dongae si and is located at the entrance of Donghae  from Mangsang I.C of  Donghae Highway and No 7 national road.

c) Number of household and population : 107 households ( Farming house: 84, Non farming house : 23) 264 persons

 Principal products and main sightseeing resorts


Producing center and location

Production, Period available to visit

Main contents( volume of production, number of visitors. etc)

Revenue( Year)

Glutinous grain

3 Tong, Mangsang Dong

After mid of October


67,000 won/40

Young grain

3 Tong, Mangsang Dong

Beginning of September




3 Tong, Mangsang Dong

January- May

3,000 box



3 Tong Mangsang Dong

July - September

10 Jeob (1000)



3 Tong, Mangsang Dong




Soybean curd

3 Tong, Mangsang Dong

Whole year




3 Tong, Mangsang Dong

July - December




3 Tong, Mangsang Dong

June - August




3 Tong, Mangsang Dong




Korean beef cattle

3 Tong, Mangsang Dong

Whole year

200 cattle

Market price

 Social condition  

- This village is a typical farming village depending on dry field farming and produces Ori-grain cultivated by breeding duck in the paddy field, potatoes, groundsel, corn, and picks up edible mountain herbs and other edible byproducts from the neighboring forest

- Villagers have been making an effort with all their heart to develop  environment friendly agriculture( Ori grain) as a link of the Movement for constructing New farming and fishing village and new principal products for increasing income through raising the quality of products and expanding sales network based on computer system, and to strengthen the competition of products to make this village more comfortable to live.

-This village has been promoting successfully to increase the living condition for the old to lead their life more healthy and productive life remained, and to foster the program of sightseeing using farming villages amenity combined with traditional culture of this place, in which the soul of Gu Man Nam, Yak Cheon, is still breathing alive, for increasing income except for farming.        

- This village has the resource of sightseeing like Yacheon Cultural village, and  15 households ( 6.2 ha) were joining in  the movement to produce the best quality  Ori grain which led to make a contract to cultivate Ori grain of 40M/T, and villagers provide the chance for visitors to release ducks in the paddy field by themselves.   

- Villagers have been making an effort to make groundsel the most important principal products, very popular for the high grade wrapping vegetables, to be the main resource of income, so they are expanding the size to cultivate groundsel


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