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Local Village Daejeon/ChungNam
Boryeong Cheongna Pyeongjeong Village
Cheongla-myeon Pyeongjeong village is located 8km from the city hall, and it is close to Cheongyang-gun, also it is a door of Boryeong city. It is quiet farm village that has wide and beautiful Cheongcheon lake. There are 94 houses, and called “Samdahyang” because there are many scholars, stones and words, has long tradition and culture.
Boryeong sahyun grape village
Sahyun Grape Village of Nampo-myeon is a village covered with grape fields on both sides of the road from Nampo-myeon to Ungcheon. You can find it if you go southbound on National Highway No. 21 from Daecheon Station.
Bugok 1000top village
My name is Dong Guk Seol, the Chairman of Bugok 1000top Village Information Village Operating Committee. I thank you for visiting our Homepage. 1000top Village of Bugok is a beautiful village situated beneath Mt. Taehwa’s natural environment.
Buyeo Sedo General Village
Gahwa-ri located in southeast of Buyeo-gun with facing Ganggyeong-eup of Nonsan-si and lksan-si of Jeollabuk-do divided from Geumgang Riv. is Sedo General Village.
Camellia Village
Maseo-myeon, which is located in the south west of Seocheon-eup where there is the county office, is bordered on the west of the West Sea (Yellow Sea), Janghang-eup and on the bordered on the south of the do-limit of Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do. Geum River is flowing between Maseo-myeon and Gunsan.
Changso Green Onion Village
First of all, to give you brief introduction of our village, our village is located in Changso 1re, Yesaneup, Yesankun, Chung Nam. We produce shallot, mini tomato, tomato, pumpkin, water melon, lettuce, and cucumber. Especially, since early 60’s the village became famous nationally with shallot.
Cheon An Awunae Cucumber Village
Bonghwang-li, Byeongcheon-myeon which is located at east side of Cheon An city is famous for the patriotism, there are the house of Yu, Gwan-Sun patriot, Jo, Byeongok, Kim, Si-Min general of Jinju battle.
Chilgapsan gapa village
Among the mountainous regions of Daechi-myeon with Chilgap Mountains that is called the Alps of Chungcheongnam Province, Sanggap-ri is the most isolated area in the beautiful gourd-bottled-shaped basin. It has been called Gapa Village meaning beautiful hills. You can experience the warmth of a community with pure countryside hearts and “Three Beauties” or beautifying your heart, body and soul through the farm experiences in the clean environments.
Chubu Sesame leaf Village
Chubu Sesame leaf Village which has raised a revolution of sesame - best quality in Korea, Chubu Sesame leaf!! Since 1982, when Kim Ki Soo succeeded first cultivation. of sesame, it has been cultivated in Chubu under Seodae Mt. which has the good environmental condition, the highest mountain in Chungcheongnam-do.
Chungcheongnam-do Seosan Hoepo Village
Exiting West coast expressway, riding along No. 29 national road at Seosan to Daeho seawall for about 25 minutes, Mangilsan dominating over the west coast hills comes into view. Mangilsan is the mountain overwatching
Chungnam Asan Naeyirang Village
Naeyirang Village has beautiful nature and large plain which is surrounded by Goryeong mountain, this place gives you warm feeling.
Chungnam Hongseong Sokdong Tideland Village
We sincerely welcome everyone who has visitied Sokdong Tideland Village at Cheonsu Bay, the repository of Mother Nature. Our village has long since engaged in fishery for living, and it is a pure region with a vast tideland and lots of seafood from the sea.
Chungnam Hongseong Sokdong Tideland Village
It a farmingžfishing village located at Cheonsu Bay, which is the repository of western sea. Being near the sea, it began tideland experience in 2004, and it is continuously activating it. The tideland, which is one of the 8 superb sceneries of Hongseong, and Sokdong observatory are visited by many tourists from other areas.
Chunwon Cucumber Village
Chunwon Cucumber Village is administratively located in Hwanseong-ri, Jigok-myeon, Seosan of Chungcheongnam Province and geographically 12km away from Seosan. It is a basin area with the rias coastline of Daeho Reclamation Land with most of the villagers engaged in producing rice, cucumbers, peppers and kidney beans.
Dangjin Herb Village
Herb village is located in Gagok-li, Songsan-myeon, Chungcheongnam-do. There is a stone door embankment which is one of the Magnificence Dangjin.
⊙ By CarNational Highway No. 32 to Seosan-> To Seodan/Taean (150m)-> Left Turn to Seosan (14km straight)-> Seosan-> To Manripo/Taean (Left turn and straight for 14km)-> National Highway No. 603 to Taean-> Wonbuk-> Iwon Hakampo-> Wonbuk-myeon-> Wonbuk-myeon Office-> (4km and left turn to Iwon)-> Iwon-myeon Office-> 3km and left turn to Iwon Embankment
Dunpo Pears Village
It’s originally an area of Sambuk-myun in Asan-si, and it used to be a place for selling salt. It was called Camp shore(Dunpo) or Camp shore field(Dunpo-jang) because many salt-boats came in and out. Relics of the stone age such as a piece of gray-earthenware, a stone axe, a stone arrowhead and a copper spear were found in this region.
Energy-saving Apartment
Entering the era of high fuel prices, we are saving the energy by increasing the energy efficiencies. Ever since we had induced the steam supply and power generation system last 2001, we have saved more than 30% of energy and have received an honorary medal from the Minister of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy for setting a successful example of saving energy.
Ganggyeong Jeokkal Market Village
Ganggyeong means “ the scnery with the river”. It is f picturesque from the nameIt has around 14000 citizens and 4670 households (the end of October in 2000). It is located south part of Nonsan City and its east side adjoins Yeonmu Eub and Chaewoon Myen and its west side adjoins Keum River and Buye Kun Sedo Myen and its south side adjoins Jeonbuk Iksan City Mangseong Myen and its north side adjoins Seongdong.
Geumsan Buri Sutong Village
Geumsan Buri Sutong Village, 54 families, 133 people are settled as residents. It is a village where people with same surnames live in. First, surname ‘Cheongju Han’ settled down, and followed by the people of surname ‘Haepyeong Gil’.
Ginseng Village
This area forms a basin encircled by the hills of two mountain ranges. One is the offshoot of the Noryeong Mountains which run southwesterly and the other is the Sobaek Mountain range which runs southeasterly. Having a southern continental climate, this mountainous area is marked by having a wide range of temperature between the hottest and coldest periods of the year and has abundant rainfall and a long diurnal period. It also has an oceanic climate with high temperature and humidity in summer.
Welcome everyone who is visiting Sajasan Village, located at Shindae2li, Wungokmyeon, Cheongyanggun
Welcome everyone. Thank you for visiting our town, Ssamji village in Boryeong. We are pleased that our town was selected as the information network village by Ministry of Ministry of Public Administration and Security. Everyone is excited about promising futures in our village.
Gugija/Gochu Village
With a dolman we can assume that there was a village community from the Neolithic Age to forming Agricultural Age in Mokmyeon area. Mokmyeon Area is located under Chillgap mountain and peoples suppose to be a lot of village even Mahan Age. The fertile soil, mountain and river and forest are so good to make village.
Gyeryong Piment Village
Gwangseok-1-ri of Eomsa-myeon in Gyeryong is a large producer of vegetable wraps (medicinally enriched), colorful bell peppers, and strawberries. It has a broad forest and fields surrounded by Mt. Gyerong. Although farm cultivating is not very active in this terrain, many specialty crops are produced using Green Farming.
Hongseong Yongbongsan Experience Village
Yongbongsan village meets Hongseong-eup on its north side; also it is located at the eastern hill of Yongbong mountain which is located on the north and south sides.
Introduction of Village
Sajasan Village was under the jurisdiction of Cheongyanggun in the early Choseon Dynasty, and Cheongyanggun Buksangmyeon in the late Choseon Dynasty
Introduction of Village
Ssamji village was established after Taejung Yi (a family of Hansan Yi, who was the minister of finance 350 years ago) left for the countryside in Shingjunli, Nonghyeon, trying to encourage agriculture and education.
Ipjang Village
Ipjang Geobong Village is located in Ipjang-myeon of Cheonan with Gyeongbu Expressway, national highways and provincial ways passing through it. It is a plain formed in a basin to develop high-profit cultivation, rice cropping and livestock farming. It especially is Korea’s biggest producer of Geobong grapes and opens Geobong Festival every year since 1993.
Jeongan Bamtori Village
Jungahn-bamtori village in Kongju consists of Jungahn-Myeon’s three chestnut tree-zones, Bukkye1-Ri, Bukye2-Ri, and Sahyun2-Ri that share cultural homogeneity through rich Baekje’s cultural assets they have and the village also has a high level of education.
Jeungsilgol Apple Village
It is a village producing 『apples』 that are one of 8 specialties of Yesan. It has been widely known as an apple producer since 1940’s. Its techniques of apple production excel those of any other place and it introduces and develops new techniques. Also, the villagers are managing an experience program such as apple gathering with urban dwellers from 2003. Korea’s greatest Yedang Reservoir nearby attract the tourists throughout the year.
Mundang Ecology Village
Moondaingli is located 8km to the south from Hongsunggoon, surrounded by mountains to its east, south, and north. Also there is a stream called Sapgyochun in its west. To its south, there is Hongdong resvior. This little town is composed of 4 parts and each parts have a few residences in the middle of valleys that surround those 4 parts of town.Moonsan, Donggok, Seoguentue (Anmal), and wondang are the 4 parts.
Nonsan Sunshine Barang Mountain Village
Our village is called Sunshine Barang Mountain Village because it is surrounded by Barand mountain like by a folding screen, and the sunshine streams into the village in all four seasons. With Osan-li Dae-dun mountain’s main peak Barang mountain in the center, on the left of Sunshine Barang Mountain Village is Wolseong peak and on the right is Jangsam peak. Resembling a hen brooding on its eggs, it is a village very comfortable like in mother’s bosom.
Nonsan ganggyeongportcybertown
Ganggyeong meaning scenery with a river" forms Nonsan Plains as the tributaries of Geum River from Gyeryong Mountains and Daedun Mountains flow from northwest to south to meet Nonsan River. Geum River of Ganggyeong not only is a natural compass, but also transportation means to develop Yellow Sea’s greatest fishery market.
Open Yongteo Village
Open Yongteo Village (Sindonga Apartment Complex) located in Yongjeon-dong, Dong-gu, Daejeon can be reached around Daejeon IC, the gateway to City of Daejeon. The villagers spontaneously save more than 30% of utility fees a year by inducing small-scale steam supply and power generation system for the first time in Korea to realize exemplary social culture.
Sannae grape Village
The area of Deabyeol Dong is 3.27㎢. There are five towns including Andaebyeol, Beolddeum, Donigo1,Baekun and Jangseonggol.
Seokseong Mushroom Village
It is located in Hyunnae 1-ri/Hyunnae 3-ri, Seokseon-myun, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheong-nam-do(Chungnam). The village consists total of 143 households and is situated in southwestern Chungnam where is divided from Iksan-si, Jeolla-buk-do by Keum river. Its main business is harvesting industrial crops and champignon takes 35% of domestic production. It’s also known as the capital of Baekje, thus possessing plenty of cultural remains which have become a tourist attraction.
Sinam Village
Sinam Village used to be a part of Sabi-gun in the Baekje Empire and Buyeo-gun in the Shilla Empire. People began settling in this place before Baekje established its capital in Buyeo. Considering that Cheongma Fortress stretches to this place, we can presume that many military bases were located here in the late Baekje Empire.
Smurfs Village
Songak Smurfs Village is a typical mountainous village rising 110-430m above sea level. Their major sources of profits are field farming and mushroom cultivating. The village is composed of the households engaging in breeding and cultivating mushrooms and raising deer and many tourists’ resources such as Gangdanggol Valley, Bonggok Temple, Old House of Sa-Seong Maeng, Oeam-ri Folk Village and Sinjeong Lake.
Sweet pumpkin/Tomato Village
Shinpyeong Village adjoins the north coast of Choongnam so that it is the gate of Choongnam.After crossing the Great West Sea Bridge, passing Sapgyo Lake Resort on the right toward to Dangjin, it is located near Shinpyeong Myen.
Tae An Manlipo Village
Every year many visitors come to Manlipo beach which represents West Sea with the woody forest, romantic silver color sands and safe shallow sea.
Taean Byutgari village
Gwan-ri of Iwon-myeon was originally included in Mugildo-myeon/Woni-myeon of Taean-gun. As it was the home of the local office, it was called Gwansagol/Gwangol/Gwandong.
Taean chaeseokpo village
Cheseokpo Crab and Jumbo Shrimp Village located in Dohwang-ri, Geunheung-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam Province is a small port village with 60 households. In particular, all fishery products are naturally collected with abundance in crabs and jumbo shrimps to invite more tourists every year.
Village Events
Village Events
Village introduction/Myths
Byuljubu Village is located at the lower end of Nam-myon, which is the center of Taean that touches the western sea. Its land and seas are harmonious. For living, it engages in agriculture utilizing low foothill and rice paddies composed of level and broad reclaimed land, because it has rias type geographical conditions of the western sea.
Yeonggok-Ri fruit Village
Fruit village of Youngi Younggokri is well-known for the production of pears, peaches and grapes with a big units. In spring, sweet-scented white pear-flowers and red peach-flowers make a grand beautiful sight.
Yuseong Onchon Guam Bae Village
Yuseong Onchon Guam Bae Village is a producer of pears, a major specialty of Yuseong. The village is surrounded by pear fields and as it is included in Yuseong - a city of tourism and science - it is great for the nearby urban citizens to visit.
nari village
sundownup village
A mysterious land’s-end village of Yellow Sea where the sun rises and falls in the same spot… Sundownup Village is full of things to see and eat with four seasons’ festivals to attract tourists every year. In particular, 30 fishing boats formed a group to produce fresh and natural raw fish throughout the year.
youngjeon yellowcher village
Yeongjeon Yellowcher Village located in Dangjinpo-1-ri, Godae-myeon, Dangjin, Chungnam has been well-known for the high-quality yellow earth and is attempting to reborn as an experience tour village using their yellow earth.
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