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Geumsan Buri Sutong Village
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1. General IntroductionIn

Geumsan Buri Sutong Village, 54 families, 133 people are settled as residents. It is a village where people with same surnames live in. First, surname 쁂heongju Han?settled down, and followed by the people of surname 쁇aepyeong Gil? It is surrounded by eight mountains of South Chungcheong Province, including the highest Mt. Seodae(904m), Mt. Cheontae, Mt. Seongchi, and more.The nature is well preserved in northeast of the village, so it has good portion of a green tract of land, scenery is great, and quite, little down which seems like it is surrounded by Mt. Yanggak.When you drive along Guemgang River, you get to taste beautiful sceneries, and with small and bigger villages, the atmosphere is graceful.


2. History

It was originally under Geumsan-gun Budong-myeon. Title of this village used to be Dopa-ri (1789), Dopa/Sutong until 1914 and now it is read Sutong-ri. Now it is composed of two 쁱i셲 of Sutong-ri and Dopa-ri.


3. Terrain

Village in southwest of Dopa-dong is called Sutonggol or Sutung. Right in front of the village, there flows Geumgang River. On east side of the village, there is a rock with high cliff along the river. It is called Jeokbyeok and the river in front is called Jeokbyeok River. If you take the road from Guemsan-eup to Sutong-ri, it ends in Sutonggol It is called as Sutonggol or Sutong since it is located in village with Geumgan River right beside. It used to be a village where people escaped to from the disturbance of war and it is also where people with the surname of 쁇aepyeong Gil?live. On its north, it meets Buri-myeon Yemi-ri/Eojae-ri and on its east, it meets with Muju-eup Naedo-ri. On its south, it meets Bangwoo-ri, and on west, Buri-myeon Hyeonnae-ri/Yemi-ri.


1) History Village

In Chosun Dynasty, it was under Geumsan-gun Budong-myeon, and since it was located on west of 쁍urijae?hill facing Cheonbuk Muju-gun Muju-eup, it was called Nurijae Eojae. And in 1914, by administrative district integration, it was integrated with part of Hwa-ri of Bubuk-myeon and then later, it came under Buri-myeon as Eojae-ri.

Nuriaje ?Village north of Apsugol is called Nurijae or Eojae. For this village located rightbelow the mountain, runrise is late and it takes longer time to travel other region. That셲 why people in this village is said to have carefree and patient character. In old days, thee were 130 houses, where families of surname 쁉ang셪ived, but now the number has gone down to 70. Apsu- It is located in deep south of Eojae Village. It셲 called Apsugok or Apsugol, and since many migratory birds such as wild gooses and ducks gather in the winder, the village is called Apsu, Apsugok or Apsugol. In 1940s, mining town was constructed in this region, so it is the first town to be established in Buri-myeon.

Neutinamugol is in north of Apsu Village. It flourished when mining industry was present in 1940s. Now, only the house site is left.

In Chosun Period, since there was Geumgang River in front, it was called Sutong, Songcheon, Dopa and etc. It was originally under Budong-myeon in Chosun Period, but after the administrative district integration in 1914, together with Sutong and Dopari, it was incorporated under Buri-myeon.

-Sutong Village
Located below Geokbyeok along Geumgang River, it is cozy town. People with surname of 쁂heongju Han?settled down here and after that, some other people stayed here but no evident. It was called as Sutonggol, Sutong for its river. Now, total of 12 surnames live in this town.

-Dopa Village
It is located in north of Sutong Village, along Geumgang River. Until 1970, people had to corss the river riding on ferries. The name 쁃opa?originated from its waves from Geumgang River. It is also called as Songcheon, which means a river flowing through the forest full of pine trees.
In Chosun Dynastic period, Kim Jong-hwan, the brother of the famous General Kim Jong-seo, was banished and died here, when the King betrayed his brother.

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