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Cheon An Awunae Cucumber Village
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Village Introduction

Bonghwang-li, Byeongcheon-myeon which is located at east side of Cheon An city is famous for the patriotism, there are the house of Yu, Gwan-Sun patriot, Jo, Byeongok, Kim, Si-Min general of Jinju battle. Also every year Feb, 28th the Beacon Fire Festival is opened, there are Korea University of Technology and Education, Awunae Country Club, etc, also Awunae cucumber is very famous with Korean cow farm, and also delicious Byeongcheon Sundae is a traditional food of here.



This was Gundong-myeon, Mokcheon-gun, however it became Galjeon-myeon in 1895 and in 1914, it was combined with Sogun-li, Samseong-li, Seokhang-li, Bongam-li and called “Bonghang-li’, Galjeon-myeon because of ‘Bong’ from ‘Bongam-li’ and ‘Hang’ from ‘Seokhang-li’.

In 1942, Galjeon-myeon was changed to Byeongcheon-myeon, so not it became Bonghang-li, Byeongcheon-myeon.


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