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The 15th day of the New Year according to the lunar calendar

- Time : January 15th according to the lunar calendar
- Participants : Villagers, those who were born in the village, and visitors

It is the second biggest holiday of the year after the New Year's Day according to the lunar calendar, where people celebrate the holiday playing Jwibulnolyi and a game of Yut, as a way of bringing harmony and wishing for a good harvest. Serving five-grain rice with vegetable side dishes along with Bureom such as peanut, walnut, etc., villagers share their stories and saying hello to each other in the community center.

Firefly Light Music Concert

- Time : JJuly ~ August of every year
- Participants : Villagers and Visitors

In the setting where firefly lighting the valley and cricket chirping amiably, a firefly music concert is held in Green Farming Experience Village to escape the summer heat. In addition, there is not specified date and place but there is a music concert hosted by a local charity group in Cheongyang-eup during summer season, in particular where there are a number of tourists visiting the village. Although it is merely a small performance, every villager participates in this sharing their local foods and getting along with everyone by entering a singing contest and playing Pungmul performance, for the prosperity of village.

Religious Ritual for the Mountain Spirit

- Time : From 9pm on October 2nd (according to the lunar calendar) to 3am the next day
- Participants : About 100 people including villagers and those who were born in the village

It is a ritual of 150-year old tradition, unique in the village, wishing for a peace and good harvest in the village by burning the papers that people wrote their wishes on. Among the old villagers, the one who was healthy and virtuous for the year is selected to be in charge of the ritual. Once one is chosen to be in charge of the ritual, he should take a bath every day, pay a great respect to the mountain, and neatly prepare offerings such as pork, fruits and beef jerky. Before carrying out a ritual, it needs to hang a straw rope (that is plugged with paper and charcoal) at the village entrance and community center.

 General Assembly of Village

- Time : December 20th, at the village center
- Participants : Villagers

At the end of every year, a general assembly of the village is held in the village community center where every resident comes together, to look back on one year's work. At the time of closing the year, villagers gather at the community center to comfort each other for the year's arduous farming work. Women's society of the village prepares dishes and refreshments from the early morning and balances the village fund that is spent for the old villagers. Also, they have a meeting to discuss important matters of village such as benefits for the head of village and the president of neighborhood, the selection of board members, etc.

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