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juwangsan cyber town
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> Village Introduction
> Village Record
> Village Characteristics
> Cultural Events
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> Promotion of Convenience and Interest of the Villagers through Information Village
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Village Introduction

Juwangsan Cyber Village was created as the vicinity villages of Juwangsan National Park located in Cheongsong, Gyeongbuk decided to pursue making a cyber village together in Dec 2001. The themes of Juwangsan Cyber Village also known as Apple Village are tourism around Juwang Mountains and clean specialties centered by the apples. Last Oct, the whole district was appointed to become a cyber village to create a new name of Juwangsan Cyber Town. Village Record
Location Budong-myeon, Cheongsong-gun
Population Total 10’s and younger 20’s 30’s 40’s 50's 60's and the older
2210 321 286 171 336 325 771
Total Households: 926
Schools 2 Students 70
PC Supply 323 units
Village Committee Chairman Mun-No Kim 011-9500-2369,
Division Statistical Data,
General Affairs

Tourists's Recourses Sightseeing Farming Culture Environment/
Leisure Sports
Juwang Mountains/
Jusan Reservoir
Straw Culture/
Wooden Craft
Wild Flowers Ice Valley Ice Wall Climbing
Cyber Village 7 Villages in 2001 => Recently Expanded to whole Budong-myeon

Village Characteristics
Tourists’ Attractions
Juwangsan National Park
Juwang Mountains was appointed a National Park in 1976. With 1st, 2nd and 3rd Waterfalls; Hakso Stand where blue and white cranes used to live; and Gi Rock where King Ju and General Ma had a fierce battle, it forms an outstanding natural environment. The moderate hiking course is very good for family fun.
Jusan Reservoir
Located in Juwangsan National Park of Ijeong-ri, Budong-myeon, it is a reservoir created in 1721. About 30 Salix glandulosa grow in the water. Many photographers visit here to photograph the mysterious views such as the morning wet-fog.
Icevalley Artificial Falls
62m high, it is Korea’s longest falls. In winter, it forms ice-walls, so many climbers visit here every year. Also, the icevally forms ices in hot summers.

- Juwang Apples
Cheongsong, Gyeongbuk has suitable climate for apple cultivation with the average yearly temperature of 12.6℃ and produces apples with dense flesh and high sugar content. It was branded on Dec 1. 1994 and appointed the No.1 Luxury Brand of its region in Gyeongsanbuk Province. Also, the orchard introduced short apple seedlings and Osmia cornifrons that transmit the pollen for the first time in Korea and applied Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M) System for
environmentally-friendly cultivation.

Cheongsong Pepper
With huge diurnal difference of temperatures and abundant sunlight, the climate produces high-quality peppers. They developed a cleaner to clean the peppers and obtained “Quality Certificate” from National Agricultural Products Inspection Center. They exhibited the peppers in Tokyo Food Expo in Japan and received great evaluations.
image 준비중 Cheongsong Mushrooms
Cheongsong is the home lf natural mushrooms that are well-known for the high quality. The mushrooms are well-preserved compared to other fresh mushrooms and are of high-value for being 100% natural.
Cheongsong Flower Stones
Over 90% of Korea’s flower stones are produced in Cheongsong and their sizes and qualities are of worldly value. They are sold as artworks for about several million won and as daily conveniences for about several 10,000 won.

Cultural Events
Sudallae Festival
It is a mountainous festival held every May to admire King Ju and to pray for the safety and good fortune of the villages and visitors. Along with Sudallae Ritual and flower petal floating, it provides various attractions such as Juwang Mountains Four-season Photographs Gallery and Straw Culture Experience.

Environmentally-friendly Apple Collecting
- Along with the sightseeing of Juwang Mountains, you can collect and taste the environmentally-friendly apples at nearby orchards and purchase them at low prices. - Period: October, for groups or families
- Period: October, for groups or families
Mushroom Collecting
- Mushroom collecting resembles finding treasures of mountains. You can enjoy hiking while collecting the mushrooms to enjoy the fragrance of them.
- Period: October, for groups and families
- Pepper Collecting, Peach Blossom Picking, Snow-sledding, Straw-culture Experience…

Promotion of Convenience and Interest of the Villagers through Information Village
The rural area can now enjoy the information privileges of urban areas by making phone calls through the Internet. The offline lifestyles of today are becoming online lifestyles and Budong-myeon of Cheongsong is changing into a new form by constructing the cyber village.

Directions and Traffic Information

- Bus
   ㅇ Dongseoul Bus Terminal -> Andong -> Cheongsong -> Juwang Mountains
       (5 departures/day, First 08:40, Last 15:00, Takes 4hours 30min)
   ㅇ Busan East Bus Terminal -> Yeongcheon -> Cheongsong -> Juwang Mountains
      (5 departures/day, First 07:40, Last 18:00, Takes 4hours)
   ㅇ Daegu East Bus Terminal -> Yeongcheon -> Cheongsong -> Juwang Mountains

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