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Euiseong Jadu village
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Gido-ri of Anpyeong-myeon is located about 14km to the west of Euiseong-gun Office.  More than 78% of it is covered with woods and fields, but the Oh Family of Haeju first settled here about 400 years ago.  About 104 first settlers in 40 households from the Oh Family of Haeju, the Kim Family of Gimhae, and the Jang Family of Suncheon have beautifully organized the paths and surrounding environments.  The local people today are strongly dedicated to increasing their income and achieving informatization.

Anpyeong plum of Euiseong is cultivated in a high diurnal temperature difference and granite sediments to become large and colorful with an extraordinary sweet and sour taste.  Recognized for its quality and value, it is traded in high prices.  Jadu Village’s clean and beautiful natural environment makes it perfect for growing plums.

Euiseong garlic is a quality cold-region species that has been improved to fit Euiseong’s climate and soil.  Euiseong is the No. 1 garlic producer in Korea.



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