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Hwangtogumi Village
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Hwangtogumi village

Welcome to our Ulleung-island Taeha Hwangtogumi village.
Our village is located along the west seashore of the fantastic Ulleung-island.
Here, people are so kind as to live like one family and there is warmhearted mood of an old village.
We are proud of the beautiful sunset glow, which cannot be seen at any other place on the east cost.
Watching the red sun falling down into the ocean, you can feel tranquility and profundity as if you are watching the creation and extinction of the universe.
You can enjoy a pleasant and romantic moment at the Daepoongryeong fishing place, where you can go fishing with simple fishing tackle near the gentle sound of the waves.
Among the various kinds of seasonal fishes, the arrow cuttlefish and the Japanese amberjack will give you the most exciting fishing.experience.  Joining together with the village people  you can experience the unique taste of the hard-shelled mussel with rice, which is cooked beside the seashore on the flat ground of the fishing place.

The village's cuttlefish is well known for its best quality. Fresh sea breezes and an adequate temperature difference between day and night does not only make the dried cuttlefish very tasty but also gives it the best fleshy substance.
Its reputation is so good as to be exported to Japan and the US.
Why don't you try the taste?
In a shrine called Sungha-shrine, which was built to soothe the souls of a boy and a girl, We perform a sacrifice on the 28th of the second lunar month to pray for a big haul and good harvest, and on the launching day of a new ship for safety and prosperity.
This is performed as a big event of the village now and provides tourists with the folk mood of an island village.
In the past, Taeha was the gate and the starting point of the Ulleung-island. Now, we are trying our best to upgrade the quality of life through pursuing an information-oriented village.
The village of good-hearted people, beautiful sunset glow, delicious cuttlefish and exciting fishing experience! How is it? Just come visit!

The history and origin of the village
In 1890, 9 years after an order from Ulleung-island development in 1882(19th year of King Gojong), the island was divided into the two townsships of West Townships and South Townships with the border running from the north ridge of Jeo-Dong Wadal Li through the Sung-in-peak, the highest peak, and Taeha-hill to the end of the mountain between the horse-rock and the Mul-ching-ching. The townships were composed of 5 villages, Do-Dong, Jeo-Dong, Sa-Dong, Shin-Ri and Jangheung.
In 1914, these were rearranged into 3 villages of Jeo-Dong, Do-Dong and Sa-Dong, which were made up of 3 sections each.
In April 1952, according to the introduction of the local autonomy system, the existing district system was abolished and it was rearranged into  a 5 village system by dividing both Do-Dong and Sa-Dong into two.
In 1961, these villages were divided into 9 villages according to the natural community or village influence.
The island has been elevated to Ulleung-township since May of 1979
Among them, the West Township was established by annexing the 5 villages of the South and the 2 villages of north town according to the rearrangement of local administration system in 1906.

In 1914, the reorganization was conducted combining Sukmun, Namyang and Jangheung Dong of the South Township into Namyang-Dong, Namseo and Guam into Namseo-Dong, and Taeha and Hakpo into Taeha-Dong.
After that, it was reorganized into 3 -village 10 -section system.
In April of 1952, according to the introduction of local autonomy, the section system was abandoned and an 8-village system was adopted, and in August of 1960, a 7-village system was established.
In August of 1971, the geographical condition of Taeha 1, 2, villages and an increase of administrative demands due to the enlarged village influence let it make a Taeha branch office.
Taeha village was the stronghold of first immigrant to the island and the administrational center of Ulleung district.

Way to Ulleung island by sea
* Mookho - Ulleung island
Distance: 161Km
Ship information: Hangyerea (speed 40 Knots, 445 ton, passenger capacity 445)
Time Required: 2 hours 50 minutes (it depends on the weather)

* Hoopo - Ulleung island
Distance: 159Km
Ship information: Katamaran (speed 35 Knots, 273 ton, passenger capacity 386)
Time Required: 3 hours (it depends on the weather)

* Po-hang - Ulleung island
Distance: 217 Km
Ship information: Sun-flower (speed 47 knots, 2394 tons, capacity: passenger 815, car 15)
Time Required: 3 hours (it depends on the weather)

Way to Taeha Hwangtogumi village
When approaching  Do Dong port in Ulleung island by car, take the local road No. 926 and drive along the coast for about 40 minutes to the direction of Sa Dong.

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Hwangtogumi Village
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