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Eunjagol Village
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Introduction of the village
Eunjagol is surrounded with Seongjubong and Hawngryung Eunja mountain which has a thick forest and clear water, having the Hwangryung brook run through it. Eunjagol's correct name of administrative district is Eunchuk myun, Euisung gun. The following story shows how the name was made.
Once upon a time, there were two guys who could animate people. One was Geumja made of gold, The other was Eunja made of silver. Thanks to them, the population were gradually increased, no one dying.
The leaders discussed the problem seriously. Finally they decided that two guys should be buried under the ground. Geumja has been in Geumchuk in Kyungju, Eunja in Eunchuk in Sangju since that day.
Eunchuk was named after Eunja. Eunja village is the place that Eunja was buried at.

Current status of village
General facts of village
  - Population status : 26,370 houses 78,587 persons
  - Size of land : 606.87㎢ (3.9% of the province)
  - Location : Kyochon ri 275-3, Gochang eub, Gochang gun, Jeonrapookdo

Other status of the area
  - District : 1 eub 13 myun 189 ri 539 boonri 1,293 ban   
- Administrative organization : 1room 10department 2direct belongings 3shops 698 persons
- Members of Assembly : 16 persons(Province 2, County 14)   
- Size of finance : ₩ 1,25,300,000,000 (Financial independence rate 14.2%)   
- Emblem : Flower(Camellia japonica), Bird(Dove), Tree(Gingko)   
- Special products : barren land rice, watermelon, Poongchun eel, Bokbunja wine, Jakseoul tea
- Tourist resort : Seonwoon mountain provincial park, Gochang town castle, Seokjung hot spring
, Goosipodongho beach, Jiseok tomb(the greatest in the East)

Status of sisterhood establishment
- May 25, 1999  :  percuss of sisterhood establishment in Sangju
- July 15, 1999  :  고창군 hopes to establish a sisterhood
- August 12, 1999  :  Working-level of the establishment visits our village
- September 2, 1999  :  A signature of sisterhood establishment(Sangju)   
- October 10, 1999 :  The towner call at our village on 1st national cycling festival from Gochang
- October 17, 1999 :  The towner call on at Gochang gun Moyangseongje festival from Sangju.

The praise of the village
Our village has 20 administrative division, having 1 office in 1 Myun. Although it is a remote village, the traffic is convenient and the people are calm, peaceful.
They try to exuviate in conservative habit now slowly and meet in New Age change, village-income-structure improvement conversion is appearing strongly.Therefore, our village is chosen to an example village in this information-example villages.
Sangjugol was famous for Sambaek(rice, dried persimmon, cocoon) from old times. A 400-year-old mulberry tree is preserved uniquely in Eunjagol.
Also, Dong-hak  exercise that inherited in rule of Japanese imperialism remains unique in this village.

Way to visit
Private cars
- Daegu - Samgju
About 15 minute on Jungang high way to Andong, and then Gasan IC, finally Gumi, Sangju way is appeared.
(Total about one and half hours)     
- Seoul - Sangju     
Okcheon IC on Gyungbu highway, then go on Sangju via Boeun     
- Pusan - Sangju     
North Daegu IC on Gyungbu highway, go to the right to Andong, enter Jungang highway to Gasan IC,
forward to Gumi, Sangju.
- Daejeon - Sangju
    Pass through Okcheon, Boeun, proceed to Sangju.

- Seoul → Sangju : 7:00 ~ 18:30 by express bus 15 times a day
- Daegu → Sangju : Highly frequent direct buses to Sangju in nothern bus stop.
- Daejeon → Sangju : Direct buses 25 times a day to Sangju via Oksan.
- The buses to Kyungchundae in Sangju cross-country bus terminal 3 times a day.

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