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Blue crane village
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Blue crane village,there is shrouded in mysteries of blue crane and millennium of history.


Along a steep mountain path,you can reach Uiseong Blue crane village,located in Jungyul-ri Sinpyeong-myun Uiseong-goon where mysterious blue crane is staying.
From the distance through the village,a pair of blue crane couples are welcoming the guests.
Down the hill,you can see a blue-crane-mountain on the right hand and to the left of a creek,there is a peaceful village where mountain wizard might live is located.The center of this village,a stone Buddha stands,which was built long ago during Koryo Dynasty.
This is a very Cheonghak mael-blue crane village, Sinpyeong-myun Uiseong-goon.
When you raise your head to the front mountain,you can see the spectecular flapping scene of 5000 blue cranes and white cranes.
The stone Buddha is also our treasure where infertile woman gave a devout prayer and finally blessed with a son. The place,digging to the ground,earthenware is found of old Jomoonkook and it still remains the heart-aching trace of Goryeojang,an ancient practice of abandoning an old person to die at the grave site.
Now,would you join this time traveling back to the history?


-History and legend-

Deokbong-ri : In 1905,the blind inhabitant Kim Jugun yet cannot see but devoted to his parents and he had no way to express it.
At that time,his father lied in bed with sick and it got worse day by day.Finally his father was about to die.So Kim Jugun asked  what his father 's wish was.His father wanted to eat pheasant meat but he couldn't get it.So he thought about it day and night and exceedingly deplorable for his undutifulness. One day he was in the toilet.Suddenly a pheasant flew to him and was embraced to his arms.He thought it was the medicine from the god.Then he cooked the pheasant for his father. Fortunately his father got better. So authorities concerned heard about that news and set up a monument house.

Jungyul-ri : During Cho-sun Dynasty in 1779,(now it is 156-1,Jungyul) a stone Buddha was found and lied in the yard there.Now it becomes a temple. They say every body who offers a Buddhist prayer to the stone Buddha can get a son. Now the yard where stone  Buddha placed is called temple garden.


-Common heron festival-

Every May,you can see the powerful flapping wings of newly born common herons and the harmonic festival of village people. Common heron festival is held with the theme of Cheonghak Sinsunje-blue crane and the mysterical oriental god- where our grand fathers and the fore fathers have cultivated their livelihood.
We welcome you to the stage of this festival prepared by Sinpyeong custodians who have kept this area firmly.
Please come and enjoy the mystery of millennium,spirit of legendary blue crane and give your claps for encouragement.


-Common heron-

Mostly,they live in lakes,rice paddy,wetlands and build their nests gregariously with needleaf and broadleaf.They use the same nests every year.They eat little frog,field mouse,shrimp,insects,etc. They form a group with white herons or of their own. Male heron carrys materials of nest and female heron builds nest. From early April to mid May,they lay 3~5 eggs at a litter by every other day or by every 3~4 days(one egg a day). They sit on eggs for 25~28 days. When baby herons hatch,the couples raise them together for 50~55 days. Jungyul-ri protection forest has almost 100-year-old pine trees with 30 meters in height which is the best nest for migratory birds.

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