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Kyungbuk Munkyung Omija (Maximowiczia chinensis) village
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  It is a village located south of Wol-ak Mountain, an extension of Baekdu Daegan. Behind the village are Daemi Mountain and Hwangjang Mountain which are among the 100 well-known Mountains of Korea. Hwangjang Mountain, which is a part of the Wol-ak Mountain National Park, is right behind the village and it is a well-known Mountain visited by many Mountain climbers. Especially Suribong, also called the Candlestick Rock, is loved by rock climbers. Hwangjang Mountain, located in the center of Baekdu Daegan, has beautiful sceneries with clear water of deep valleys to take pride in. Every summer, many urban citizens seek the village as a summer resort.

(Kyungbuk Munkyung Omija village is) a village that possesses beautiful natural sceneries and clear water of Geumcheon that flows in front. It is a district visited by tourists during all four seasons, as Kyungcheonho dam is in 10 minutes distance and Munkyung’s best sightseeing spot Munkyungsaejae is also geographically close, being only 20 minutes away.

Having been selected as Omija experiencing village in 2006, it is built with the foundations for urban citizens to experience the farming?Mountain community, and is relatively well equipped with lodgings, various experience fields and equipments, and numerous foundational conditions.

Dongro-Myun Saengdal-li, which is the major producing district even in Munkyung city that takes up 45% of all domestic Omija production, produces environment friendly Omija that has been differentiated from those of other regions. In harvest seasons, Omija festivals too are held in the neighborhood of Dongro-Myun Saengdal-Ri.




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