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Hoelyongpo Village
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A village that is renowned for its picture-perfect scenery
“Island of Inland” Hoelyongpo
oelyongpo Village of Yonggung-myeon, Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk Province is located about 17km west of downtown Yecheon and borders the city of Mungyeong. Naeseong and Geum Rivers, the tributaries of Nakdong River flows to the north and west to form fertile farmlands great for rice, watermelon and squash farming.
Also, it has many tourists’ resources including Heolyongpo Village, Bongsu Stand, Wonsan Castle, Hoelyong Stand and Jangan Temple, with many cultural attractions such as Yonggung Lecture Hall, Hwangmokgeun and Mui School.


- Yonggung-myeon was the center of the provincial administration of Shinra and was called Chuksan-gun.
- It was renamed ‘Yongju’ following the local policy of Koryo King Seongjong (982).
- Koryo King Hyeonjong (1010) renamed it to Yongju-gun and attached it to Sangjumok.
- It was included in Andong as Yonggung-hyeon by the local administrative reorganization in Chosun Dynasty (1410).
- In 1894, “hyeon” became “gun”.
- In 1914, it was included in Yecheon-gun and became today’s Yonggung-myeon.


Our village is a typical farm village where 80% of the villagers engage in farming. It has broad plains with perfect water irrigation on each farmland and dry field producing various excellent-quality agricultural products.
We have good agricultural products with clean sunlight, pure water and healthy soil.
We have everything we can have including Yonggung Palace Rice that was served to the kings; environmentally-friendly Daejanggeum Rice; heavily-loaded Geobong Grapes; and tasty squashes.


Directions to Hoelyongpo Village

Do you remember the Island of Inland, Hoelyongpo that was the background of KBS drama ‘Fall Story’?
Follow the long National Highway #34 from Andong to Mungyeong to see a huge sign of ‘Hoelyongpo.’ Follow the way to Yonggung Bus Station.
Pass the station and make a left turn to proceed about 2.9km to Hoelyongpo Village.
If you happened to miss it, please contact me.
I will kindly guide you. Please visit us often.
Ju-Hee Ryu, Chairman of Hoelyongpo Info-village Committee, Yecheon, Gyeongbuk 017-533-6517

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Hoelyongpo Village
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