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Introduction of the Village

Historically, Eouigok-ri of Gagok-myeon was included in Eura-hyeon in Koguryo Empire a Jachun-hyeon during the reign of Shinra King Sinmun a Wanju of Gangwon in 33rd year of the reign of Koryo King Taejo a Yeongchun or Chungcheon in early Chosun Dynasty a Danyang-gun by the administrative reorganization of 1914. Gagok-myeon was named by combining Gaya-myeon and Daegok-myeon and Eouigok-ri was included in Daegok-myeon stretching along Saebat Valley.

Eouigok-1-ri has three natural towns called Upper Eongeosil, Lower Eongeosil and Songjeong. Also, Eouigok-2-ri has three natural towns called Handeumi, Saebat and Guik-dong. The name Eouigok is Chinese version of Korean name Eongeosil. Eongeosil is also called Ongsil or Eoeongsil that originated from Neunsil meaning stretched valley. The tall Biro Summit of Sobaek Mountains is the sacred summit of the village and the stream flowing in front of the village is deep and pure to be great for summer recreations. Currently, there are 64 villagers in 23 households. The prides of our village are peacefulness, beautiful mountains and waters and upright nature of the villagers.
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