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Godmee Village
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Introducing Godmee Village

Guirae-ri is located in the southeastern part of the town and borders Naesan-ri of Miwon-myeon to the east, Munbak-ri and Hojeong-ri to the west, Gwanjeong-ri to the south, and Giam-ri of Miwon-myeon to the north.  

Guirae-ri was originally attached to Isang-myeon of Cheongju-gun.  This village was called Godimee because Shin, Yo stayed here and refused to go back to the government to serve King Injo, who took over the throne, after he was exiled by King Gwanghaegun.  Before 1910, it was divided into Doam-ri, Samgok-ri, and Dongrim-ri of Guirae-dong and Munbak-dong, but the 1914 Reorganization transferred a part of Munbak-dong to Munbak-ri and called it Guirae-ri.


Nearby Attractions

National Cheongju Museum, Chojeong Springs, Shrine of Shin, Chae Ho, Shrine and Tomb of Danjae



Peach, Bokbunja, Potato, Gastrodia elata, Shiitake, Chrysanthemum-scented Pillow

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Chae Ho Shin’s Shrine
Shrine and Tomb of Danjae
Special product
Gastrodia elata
Shiitake Mushroom
Chrysanthemum-scented Pillows
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