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Hwangsan Grapes Village
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Yongsan was named so because it is located beneath Yongso Peak, but most local people call the village Bangaegol, because it was called “a village on the hills” as it was used to hang up public notices during the Joseon Dynasty.  

Shirakko borders Bongso-ri and Hwangsan-ri and is divided into Yongsan Village and Samjeong Village by the center road.  Shirakko also refers to a large inn and this village used to be a large village with many inns and motels for the travelers during the Joseon Dynasty.


It is a great honor for me as a young leader of the village to open this Homepage to be able to bring the farmers of Haksan closer to their consumers.  It is truly astonishing that our farm villages that can easily be isolated from information communications can get closer to you through the Internet.  I promise to do my best to diversify and vitalize our village Homepage and would truly appreciate your cooperation.

Jukchon Village has valued familial devotion since the old times and has erected corresponding monuments by the village entrance every time someone was known for their familial devotion.  

We are dedicated to reestablishing disappearing traditions and accepting new civilizations to develop into a more matured village.  

I hope you enjoy the clean and tasty farm produces of Haksan.

Thank you


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