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Danyang Yellow Earth Garlic Village
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Danyang Yellow Earth Garlic Village initiated Saemaeul Movement with all local people brought into one heart.  In the early stage of Saemaeul Movement in 1917, we were selected an Outstanding Saemaeul Village and our Seamaeul Leader own a national award, the village chief a presidential medal, and the youth leader a Minister of Home Affairs award.  The village also won presidential subsidiaries and used it as seed money for great developments!  To commemorate our achievements, we established a monument by the village entrance.

It is located to the north of Danyang-gun and called Eonguisil, Eungsil, or Eouigok.  It was officially named Eouigok-ri as it was included in Maepo-myeon in 1914.

It has been a typical farm village from its origin and is still a crimeless peaceful village.

We promise to do our best to foster our environmentally-friendly farming and to make our village a livable please and sincerely ask for your encouragement for our development.



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