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Dunyul is the village situated by the end of Gunjasan of Sobaeksanmaek and Yongdancho, the lower reach of Baekwoonchun.

During the Three Kingdoms, Gwegokchun was the boundary of Shilla and Baekjae. Shilla army fought with Baekjae by stationing at Sungsan during the day and Dunyul during the night and thus the village was named 'Dunya'.

After the unification of the three kingdoms, 3 neighboring villages become one and it was called with three names : 'Dunbaemi' for the whole village was pear shaped, 'Daesugye' for water merged into one spot and 'Anuri' for the village was safe from rainy season or any other disasters.

Afterwards, chestnut trees were planted at the riverside of Baekwoonchun and it looked like a military in formation. Thus the whole village was called 'Dunyul'.

Ever since the Josun dynasty, the administrative district was included in Gewsan-gun, but through the administrative district revision in 1914, the village was named Dunyulro Yulwon-ri Chilsung-myun Gwesan-gun which is being used up to this day.

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