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Local Village ChungBuk
Baebau Purity Village
It is because there is a boat-shaped rock on the stream that flows from Deoksil Village in Dodeok-ri. During the administrative reorganization in 1914, Yeonju-ri was formed by integrating Juam-ri (舟岩里), Yeonji-dong (蓮枝同), and Goseong-ri (古城里). According to Yeojidoseo (輿地圖書), a local historical text from 1739, there used to be 63 households in Juam-ri and 10 households in Goseong-ri, and Shinyujangjeok (辛卯帳籍) from 1890 records that there were 73 households in Juam-ri, five households in Yeonji-dong, and 6 households in Goseong-ri. Yeonji-dong’s Yeon (蓮) and Juam-ri’s Ju (舟) combined in 1914 to form today’s Yeonju-ri.
Banggok Village
ntroducing Banggok Village Banggok Village is located about 16km to the northeast of Goisan, the home of Goisan-gun Office, and borders Chujeom-ri to the east, Gammul-myeon to the southwest, and Gwangjin-ri to the north. It is a small village beneath Mt. Bakdal with beautiful mountains and waters in the surroundings.
Buyun Village
CheonWon greenfrog Ssa
Cheongwon Greenfrog Ssal Village is composed of many villages of Gangnae-myeon. Its villages are administered by Delicious Rice Research Association to produce environmentally-friendly safe rice. Currently, most farm houses of Gangnae-myeon are included in the Village to select high-quality species of rice and to develop various environmentally-friendly methods with no chemicals through water and soil tests.
Cheongpung Multae Village
Multae village, Chungpung-myeon was the center of transportation because it was not only located within easy reach of water transport, but also had the broad fields so that people in this region could live in wealth and in grace of environment. It exercised its power with the name 'Sayolihyun' in the period of the ancient Three States, 'Chungpungbu' in Koryo age, and 'Chungpunghyun' in latter term of Chosun Dynasty.
ChungBuk_seven_Village introduction
Goesan-gun Chilsung-myun Dunyul village is also known as 'Olgaengi village' for there are large number of Olgaengi(healthy natural food) inhabit in the village
Danyang Yellow Earth Garlic Village
Danyang Yellow Earth Garlic Village initiated Saemaeul Movement with all local people brought into one heart. In the early stage of Saemaeul Movement in 1917, we were selected an Outstanding Saemaeul Village and our Seamaeul Leader own a national award, the village chief a presidential medal, and the youth leader a Minister of Home Affairs award. The village also won presidential subsidiaries and used it as seed money for great developments! To commemorate our achievements, we established a monument by the village entrance.
Godmee Village
Introducing Godmee Village Guirae-ri is located in the southeastern part of the town and borders Naesan-ri of Miwon-myeon to the east, Munbak-ri and Hojeong-ri to the west, Gwanjeong-ri to the south, and Giam-ri of Miwon-myeon to the north.
Goesan Joryeongsan Natural Forest Village
It is a mountainous village that is located in Mt. Joryeong of Baekdu Great Mountain Range and that preserves its luxurious forest and the beautiful scenery of bizarre-looking rocks. It created craft town within the village to revive the traditional beauty of Korean paper craft, porcelain and wood craft and allows the visitors to experience its traditional culture and forest resources as well as rock climbing, mountain camping, and rafting.
Hwangsan Grapes Village
Yongsan was named so because it is located beneath Yongso Peak, but most local people call the village Bangaegol, because it was called “a village on the hills” as it was used to hang up public notices during the Joseon Dynasty. Shirakko borders Bongso-ri and Hwangsan-ri and is divided into Yongsan Village and Samjeong Village by the center road. Shirakko also refers to a large inn and this village used to be a large village with many inns and motels for the travelers during the Joseon Dynasty.
Introducing Jang Village
Songsan-ri established as the settlement of the Yi Family of Jeonui about 500 year ago, beneath a low hill called Saenggoljae.
Iwon Plant Village
Ladies and gentlemen! Iwon-Myeon is developing into the Mecca of the cultivation of plants on the basis of ancestor’s unchangeable faith and know-how accumulated over the years. Our village produces superior plants which boast the best quality in Korea. We promise to give the best service to you who visit our village on the thought that customers are our king and we are your subjects
Jecheon WoRakSanYakCho
Adequate diurnal difference of temperatures and abundant limestone in soils provides high-quality herbs and vegetables. As it includes the Yonghagu Valley of Worak Mountains, it is often visited by many tourists. In particular, the herbs of our village are firm and fragrant and best other herbs in effectiveness.
Jeungpyeong Jeungangol Village
Jeungpyeong, the center of Korea’s territory and transportation, is geographically a combination of plains and basins.
Jincheon samyong village
Jincheon Samyong Village is located at Samyong-ri Iwol-myeon to the north of Jincheon of Chungbuk. A basin surrounded by the Charyeong Mountain Range, this village is a clean region with a moderate climate, the clean waters of the Geum River, and abundant produce.
Myung-Shim Experience Village introduction
Myung-Shim Experience Village is located north of Jin-Cheon-Gun. Surrounded by 3 scenically beautiful peaks – Mu-Je peak, Baek-Seok peak, Ok-nyeo peak – the village and its farmlands stretch wide towards south and west. Myung-Am Waterfall that flows from Mu-Je peak, has a natural scenery composed of big rock waterfall and maple forest, and it is also a preservation area of Class 1 clear water.
Pine-Scent Watermelon Village introduction
In Yang-Sang-Myun Song-Ho-Ri, which is about 13km south from Young-Dong, has a rock that stands erect in the Geum River flowing in front of it, and this beautiful rock is called Kang-Seon-Dae.
Pyeingdong Korean cake town
It was originally the region of Ilsang-myeon, Seogang-nae, Cheongju County and its name means that it is the new village seeing Bumo Castle. After revisions of administrative section in 1914 it was included in Gangso-myeon as Sinseong-ri and it was included in Gangseo 2-dong of Cheongju City in February.
Sadam Dongchon Village
Surrounded by famous mountains such as Nakyongsan, Baekaksan, and Kumdansan, which makes us think of beautiful oriental paintings with remarkable mountain shapes where Backdudaegan extends to the south.
Shingreen Village
Annae-myeon was originally called Adongho-myeon in the 6th year of the reign of King Jijeung in the Shilla Empire (505). Its name was changed to Anjeong-hyeon in the 6th year of the reign of King Gyeongdeok (757) as a part of Gwanseong-gun. In the 9th year of the reign of King Hyeonjong of the Goryeo Dynasty (1018), it became a part of Gyeongsan-bu as Aneup-hyeon. In the 13th year of the reign of King Taejong of the Joseon Dynasty (1413), it was finally named Annae-myeon because it is located inside the town of Aneup-hyeon and attached to Okcheon-gun.
Shingreen Village
Annae-myeon was originally called Adongho-myeon in the 6th year of the reign of King Jijeung in the Shilla Empire (505).
Danyang Sobaeksan Sanchon Village is composed of 2 districts of Eouigok-1-ri and Eouigok-2-ri of Gagok-myeon, Danyang of Chungbuk with 6 villages (Handeumi, Saebat, Guik-dong, Songjeong, Upper Eongeosil and Lower Eongeosil). Sanchon Village is trying to provide various experience tours supported by the natural tourists' resources of the village beneath Sobaek Mountains. Come to Sobaeksan Sanchon Village to feel the rich hearts and warmth of our village.
Songnisan Village
Our town is located inside the Songnisan National Park, Sanae-ri, Naesongni-myeon, Boeun county, Chungchung province and is proud of the clean environment.
Our community Sangmo-myeon including Suanbo Hot Springs that have naturally been springing for 3,000 years is waiting for guests with kind and welcoming hearts with many heavenly tourists’ markers of Mireuk-ri and Worak Mountains National Park.
bidangang_village introduction
Pure Geumgang flows at the frontal side of Bidangang forest village which displays magnificent view and the old culture is preserved by restoring Bonsudae of Bonghwasna.
seven_History and origin
Dunyul is the village situated by the end of Gunjasan of Sobaeksanmaek and Yongdancho, the lower reach of Baekwoonchun.
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