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Local Village Busan/Ulsan/GyeongNam
Agyang Daebong Persimmon Village
Agyang Daebong Persimmon Village which used to be Nangnoguk back in the Byeonhan era has a long history.
Baenapple_Village Introduction
Sun-ri Baenaegol apple village is located in Yangsan-si Wondong-myung and three villages are situated within the location : Dae-ri, Sun-ri and Jangsun village.
Changnyeong Seonggok Organic Village
Changnyeong Seonggok Organic Village, located northernmost, is surrounded with mountains in the southeast and plains in the west. It is a typical center place of agricultural life and a main producing place of apples
Daeam Ri, closed to Chojeon dong and No 33,National road, was established by detaching part of Daemu Dong, Pyeongbang Dong, Hyeolam Dong in Motaegok Myun of Jinju Si and was incorporated to Giphyun Myun, and is divided into Daeam village and Hyeolam village by the administrative district.
Daedong Flower Village
Greetings everyone!! Thank you very much for visiting Daedong Flower maul. In 1934, a sluice gate was built in Daedong to regulate the water flow of the South Nakdong River. The easy supply of agricultural water turned the village to a producer of greenhouse vegetables. Many people moved into the village to farm greenhouse vegetables or to work in farms.
Deoksil_village introduction
Duksil village is the center of the village of loyalty - Uiryung-gun - and is located near the kun office. In the standard of Uiryung-eup, it is situated 2km away from the south-west of 1037 national road.
Euiryeong Bocheon village
Bocheon Village is a part of Sangil-ri of Hwajeong-myeon in Euiryeong-gun and is the southernmost point of Euiryeong-gun. It borders Haman-gun and Jinju and is surrounded by Mt. Baekdae and Mt. Robang in the background.
Geochang Ganam Village
Surrounded by high mountains, Gajo-myeon is located on eastern side of Geochang-gun, and it comes in contact with Northwest side of Hapcheon-gun.
Geoje Eogu Fishing Village
Dundeok Eogu Fishing Village is a small fishing village in Geoje, which is the fantastic island-city of marine tourism and recreation center.
Geongnam Goseong Sonhcheon Chamdarae Village
Chamdarae Village Main
Gijang Imrang Village
The original name is Imeullang, which is prounounced nimeullang. Imeullang comes from the Chinese word, Imeoranan. Im means master or adult, eoran means a fixed area of which the original name is ul.
Goeup sweet persimmon Village
This village was a small village in the period of three states, called Sam ul-myeon, Sannam Do and lasted as the capital of Samul Hyeon after Seong Hwang Sam Seong was constructed in the mountain in the back of Yesu Village. It was renamed as Dongseong Hun, Gyeongsan-do. It was called this because it was the capital of Muncheong after it was renamed Sacheon County and its capital was moved to Sajeon-eup.
Gohyeon Mideodeok Village
Gohyeon Village is located 2.6km southwest from the official location in Jindong-Myeon, Masan City, and its southern part is adjacent to the sea. Gohyeon was the old official location as Jinhae Hyeon, and famous for its administrative and military strategic zone.
Gyeongnam Hapcheon Hanam Yangtteokme Village
Hanam Yangtteokme village looks like a typical farming village judging from the paddy fields stretched and its surrounding. But the atmosphere is getting different with coming closer.
Haman Chilbuk Fruitful Village
Gyeongnam Haman Chilbuk Fruitful Village is a typical countryside village where you can feel the warmth of your hometown. The sandy soil and warm southern climate is suitable for fruit culturing, so our major sources of profit are sweet persimmons, peaches and grapes.
Hamyang Eumjeong Village
Eumjeong Village is also called Eumjimal or Eumjijeongjaengi. It is named so because the village is settled on a shaded land. The valley to the west of Eumjimal is called Birinnaegol. It is related to the legend of Seonyujeong in the neighboring village.
Hapcheon Iceberry Village
Admirable from the first impression, Iceberry Village! Our production of Charming Strawberry that is impressive for the eyes and the mouth initiate not only the domestic market, but also the international export.
Hwang-u Rice Village
Hwangu Rice Village is located in Ulsan Metropolitan City Duseo Myeon and includes three villages (Eumji, Yangji, Hwalcheon)in two Ri’s in Bokan and Whalcheon. In the East side of the village is Ulju Gun Dudong Myeon, West side boarder is Naeoi Ri to Kyungju City’s Sannae Myeon, South side is Inbori to Unyang Eup, North side is Kyungju City’s Naenam Myeon Kyungbu Express High Way and national road No. 35 penetrates the center of the village.
Hwasan Village
Hamyang County is located in the west-north part of Gyungnam Province where is surrounded by high mountains like the 1st National Park, Mt. Chiri and the 10th National Park, Mt. Deogyu. It is known as the area which keeps the mystery of ancient times and has scenic beauty. This place is also famous for the home of scholars, especially for Youngnam school called left-to-Andong, right-to-Hamyang.
Icevally Apple Village
Icevally Apple Village located in the northeast part of Sannae-myeon, Miryang is surrounded by Gaji, Baekun, Unmun and Jaeyak Mountains that are called the Alps of Yeongnam. With unique climate that forms icevalley, the 224th Natural Memorial, they produce high-quality apples called Icevalley Apples.
Jujeon Dolmiyeok Village
Joojeon Village, a 200 year old traditional farming and fishing village, was named in 18th century (Choseon Dynasty , King Jeong Jo) and is located in the northern area of east Ulsan. This village is 12Km away from official location and is the only gateway to cross 500m Mt. Bong-Dae.
Mindung Village
It is located between the metropolises of Busan and Ulsan, and belongs to Seosaeng-myon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan city. It consists of two ri's with a total of five villages, Ongok-1-gu, Ongok-2-gu, Hwasan, Yeonsan and Yongyeon. There are 332 households with 978 residents. Mindung has less agricultural land as compared to other regions and is affected by an oceanic climate due to its proximity to the sea. It cannot compete by raising common crops. This is the reason why village residents farm special crops from which farmers can earn a higher income.
Miryang Pyeongri Sandaechu Village
Miryang Pyeongri Sandaechu Village is located at Northeast of Miryang-si and Hyangnobong at Southwest of the village surrounds the village and acts as a border between the Sandaechu Village and Yangsan-gun Haseo-myeon.
Mosan Village
Daeji-Myun, the central part of Changnyung County is surrounded by Youeo-Myun to the south and Daehap-Myun to the north. The land is fertile and known for a good place to live for thousands of year. Mosan, one of the villages in Daeji-Myun with Tochungkang that passes through the middle of the village, is around good circumstances for agriculture.
Namhae Jijok Gaetbeol Village
『Gyeongnam Namhae Jijok Gaetbeol Village』 is a tourists’ attraction of treasure island, Namhae, with magnificent natural environment and with abundant profitable agricultural and fishery products. This 『Sea Village Experience Tourism』 place of Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries is an experience learning site (barge fishing, pound-net fishing, tidal flats area(ghost shrimp, baby clam and oyster)) and produces organic Korean citron and garlic that are the major specialties of Namhae. Tourists’ attractions include Changseon-Sancheonpo Bridge, Sangju Beaches, Geum Mountains Bori Rock and a sports park, making it a celebrated locality where you would want to come back.
Oegosan onggi
Oegosan Onggi Village, Onyang, Gosan located on National Highway #14 connecting Ulsan to Gijang, Busan is Korea’s best traditional Onggi Village. Gosan with moderate temperatures and convenient transportation and distribution is optimum for Onggi production. There is Onggi Hall with Onggi Exhibition Room and Experience Room by the village entrance and the village opens Onggi Festival every year for the visitors to conveniently learn about Onggi.
Okjong Berry Village
Bukbang-ri is located 6km southeast from the downtown. There is Deokcheon River flowing in the east. Across the river is Wonoi-ri, Sugok-myeon, Jinju. It borders Wansa and Magok of Gonmyeong-myeon, Sacheon to the south; Daegok-ri to the north and Jeongsu-ri to the west.
Samsin green-tea Village
First we would like to extend our deep appreciation for visiting our home page. Samshin and Berpha villages sit between Mt. Jiri National Park and the Somjin river, boasting first-class water quality. You can smell fresh air and see beautiful natural scenery from any part of the villages. Both villages are a typical rural area cultivating wild green tea trees which flourish around Mt. Jiri.
SanCheong Daepo Village
Samjang-myeon Daepo Village is located beneath Cheonwang Peak of Mt. Jiri. Clean streams flow from Daewonsa Temple and Naewonsa Temple into Daepo village, which is also referred to as "Hanbeol Village.
Sanseong Village
Sanseong Village is the village receiving spirit and will of Gumjeong Mountain. Administrative designation of Sanseong Village is Gumseong-dong, Gumjeong Gu, Busan City. This village is composed of 3 natural villages -Chuckjeon, Jungli and Gonghea. It is impossible to know when this village was formed but it was assumed that, first, fire-field farmers and monks reside and the present village was formed after The Fortress Wall of Mt. Gumjeongwas constructed.
Seobyeon Village
Geochang is famous for its historical, tourist attractions, and beautiful nature. Seobyeon located in the northern area of Geochang is also the place where history and legend is alive with cultural assets and tradition.
Tongyeong Haklim Village
The Kim Family and the Won Family settled here after the Japanese Invasion of 1592. This island was named Haklim because it has a luxurious pine forest along with many cranes
Wolchon Village
Wolchon, the name, originates from its shape that looks like a half-moon. Watermelons are the village’s specialty and grow in a huge house area of the plain called “floating swamp”. Wolchon village is located about 17km south of Haman county, neighboring with Euryung county with a boundary of Namkang riverside.
Yeonje Togok Village
『Busan Yeonje Togok Village』 was named because there used to be a lot of rabbits. It is a grand-scale apartment complex with 8,000 populations in 2,300 households located near the administrative organizations such as City Hall, Court and Fire Department and environmentally-friendly space with Baesan Park and Busan’s largest Oncheon River.
chilsan melon vaillage
Gyeongnam Gimhae Chilsan Melon Village is contributing to the economy of Chilsan by producing their specialty of melon with advantageous natural environment and convenient traffic.
gelje gujora tourism sea village
Gujora Tourism Sea Village of Geoje, Gyeongnam is renowned for its Gujora Beaches. Attractions such as Gujora Fortress of mid-Chosun Dynasty, Nae Island, Oe Island and Haegum River are close by.
tomato village
Daejeo-dong located by Pyeonggang River contacting Dodobon-ri below Imso Village was mostly reed fields until the times of Three Empires. With fertile soils, they engaged in cultivating high-class vegetables and have most developed institutions in this region. Their tomatoes are very popular nationwide.
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