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Euiryeong Bocheon village
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Bocheon Village is a part of Sangil-ri of Hwajeong-myeon in Euiryeong-gun and is the southernmost point of Euiryeong-gun.  It borders Haman-gun and Jinju and is surrounded by Mt. Baekdae and Mt. Robang in the background.  

Bocheon was named so mainly because the village has clear spring waters, but the name can also mean that there is a deep, clean gorge.
Bocheon Village is assumed to be established about 500 years ago.  At first, the Seok Family of Chungju settled here.  Then, the Moon Family of Nampyeong and the Yi Family of Jaeryeong moved into the village.  However, it is unknown exactly when the Seok Family and Yi Family lived here.  Their family burial ground still exists here and the descendants come to maintain it every year.
The village consists of mountains and plains.  Situated by Nam River, the village operates institutional greenhouses (zucchini and watermelon) and grows livestock, rice and barley.  Nearby attractions include the Stone Tombs of Sangjeong-ri, the Old Home of the Cho Family, the Old Home of the Kang Family, the Raft Center, Chungiksa Temple where General Jae Woo Gwak (the first person to organize volunteer troops to fight the Japanese invaders) and 17 Warriors are enshrined, Yongguksa Temple where 33 Buddhas are aligned on either side, and the Birth Home of Byung Chul Lee, the founder of a mega-sized company in Korea.  Byeonggye Camp Ground is also a renowned place that attracts many tourists every year.
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